Monday, July 4, 2011


there really aren’t words to explain the complexities of parenthood.  nobody tells you before the birth of your first child the crazy love that will blossom from your heart.  a love that is so powerful, it can bring you to tears, or may you feel that you could move mountains for them.


(bradley getting some fresh air on our shaded porch, after eight days of fever.)

these past two weeks I have been on a parenting roller coaster.  highs and lows.  worries and sleepless nights.

9 days straight of fever.  really, really high fever.

there have been two trips to the doctor and two trips to the local hospital. 

six days of fever reaching 103.5 or higher.

two entire bottles of tylenol and ibuprofen used completely up. completely gone.

giving him medicine before bed.  medicine at 11.  bradley waking us up at 4 on FIRE.  wanting more medicine. 

shedding tears night after night.  bradley just wanting to feel better.  asking us to make my head stop aching. 

I wish I could.

many loads of laundry washing sheets that were so wet with sweat they felt like he had peed the bed.

five days where he didn’t eat much more than a cup of applesauce.

two blood draws.  horrible.

an EKG.

a Heart Echo.


my baby was very brave, and has a beautiful, perfect heart by the way!

and finally our health. 

after all of that.  worrying about the tests, what was going on with him.  why ellie only had this virus for three days, but Bradley had it for almost 10. 

we are healthy.  all the tests are normal.  he had the same summer virus as ellie, except he had it much worse. 

we spent the remainder of the fourth of july weekend celebrating independence.  and our big boy’s health.  slowly getting him back to normal.  he was really weak and tired. 

saturday he begged us to go to the 4th of july parade.  it was so hot.  we stayed for 25 minutes before he wanted to go back home.




he was hot for almost two weeks.  I don’t blame him if he wanted to be in the AC for the rest of the summer.

sunday we made an hour trip up to the pool and he slept for three hours afterwards. he is completely worn out.

today he seems more like his old self.  happy.  chipper.  talkative.  playing around the house and at the pool.

I am just in awe of his little personality.  He seems to have almost forgotten about the whole ordeal.  I haven’t and probably won’t for a long time.  That was truly scary.  To have a fever stretch on for so many days is just unreal.  You just want to wave a magic wand and make them better.  You are their Mommy, and they think you can.  Chris and I are worn out.  After almost an entire day at the hospital on Friday we collapsed on the couch and went to bed early.  We were fried.

Things are getting back to normal, and I hope this is just a little blip in a summer of fun. 

The pediatrician joked with me on the phone Friday night.  He said he hoped that baby #3 was a boring baby.  He said he was really worried.  He has called twice this weekend to check on Bradley.  Yes, he visits you at your home, and calls to check on your kids to make sure they are ok.  I told him he deserves to be nominated as a saint.

I feel blessed to have an amazing doctor that loves my kiddos.  And I am blessed that we have our health.  How easily we take it for granted.

Happy 4th of July!  I know it has been a good one for us!

Love, Clare 



laura said...

oh, your sweet boy...i'm so happy he is finally, finally, on the mend. here's to boring summer days on the horizon! ;)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh Clare, I am so sorry Bradley (and you al) had to go through that. It is so exhausting and frightening to have a sick child like that. I am beyond thrilled that it was just a summer virus and I hope you all have a much healthier rest of the summer:)

Lindsay said...

so glad to hear that Bradley was up for going to the parade and a pool trip!! Here's to healing completely and getting his strength back! He was so brave for the doctors!

Colleen said...

I am so sorry. that all sounds so scary!! I am glad he is starting to feel better. It's awful when we can't help our babies.

amanda said...

i second what laura said!! and would like to add a little suggestion? you need a major mommy timeout!! seriously mama - go spoil yourself for an afternoon!! you deserve it!!