Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mommy Memories



Being pregnant with my third child in the summer has been interesting.  Kind of hard to ignore the bigger my belly gets and the tighter my swimsuit starts to feel.  I am finding it not so enjoyable.  my feet are beginning to ache.  I don’t last very long outside or at the pool, especially with all of our crazy HOT weather. 

for some reason blogging has felt like a lot of effort.  I haven’t been picking up my camera as much lately.  by seven o’clock I am spent.  usually I still have one child to put to bed, dishes in the sink, and ellie makes the family room look like it exploded toys even if she was in there for five minutes.  when I finally sit down after getting the house in order, the thought of uploading pics seems crazy.  chris and I will scramble around to clean up, pull out the vacuum, and then collapse on the couch.

I have been wanting to make pillows for the family room for months.  right now one square is cut out and sitting on the tables in the basement.  motivation zero.


this little mamacita is hell on wheels right now.  she is definitely keeping chris and I on our toes.  today I took her to the pool dressed in her bathing suit, a front and back life vest, and “swimmies” on her arms.  After a few minutes of fussing and realizing that I wasn’t going to take it off, she went with it.  literally, walked right into the water and kept on going.  When she started to float, she just kicked her little feet until she got where she wanted to go.  She LOVES the water, but is very scary at the pool.  I decided to dress her in no less that three floatation devices, because she likes to walk into the deep water, climb up the side and run over to the deep end and peer in, run into the pool during break time with her hands full of food, and give me 1,000 heart attacks while we are there.  I will turn around to tell bradley something and next thing I know she is under the water.  She thinks it is hilarious.  She blows bubbles and holds her breath.  When you bring her to the surface she doesn’t even cough, she just laughs and squirms to be put down. 


She balances all of these crazy water antics with adorable moments.  For example learning her body parts, and being obsessed with her belly.  She will point to it and say “babbly” or something to that tune.


all of this made even more adorable when she juts it out for a better view.  literally, I could eat her up with a spoon.


then there are the curls.  chris calls her the wild-a-beast right now if that gives you any insight to her little developing personality.


she has a new obsession.  he is red and really annoying.  melmo strikes again.  we have watched him in the car during some fussy road trips.  now every time you strap her in she says, “melmo” and points to the tv screen that is folded away.  ummm, we are just driving two minutes to the gym ellie.  sorry.

we now watch him every morning while we eat our oatmeal, eggs, or waffles for breakfast.  Elmo’s world just isn’t the greatest thing to wake up to in the morning.

we have driven up to the pool twice now to be sent home for thunder.  the other day we were signing in at the stand and the lifeguard called for thunder.  then you have to turn around, pack up the car and head home.  out comes the water table.  we sat outside and played in the table while the storm clouds made a lot of noise.  the rain never came.


bradley seems to be completely back to his normal self.  he is truly a helper around the house, and I try not to depend on him too much.  He is always willing to turn on the hose to fill up the water table and the pool.  carry the towels to the car while I handle the baby and the pool bag.  grab ellie’s paci, diaper or snack.  he just seems mature and grown up all of the sudden.

our new summer activity is gymnastics.  he is in love.  after the first class he asked me how many days until he gets to go back.  he talked about the foam pit for five days straight.  he was convinced there was water under the foam pieces.


today we went together, just the two of us.  chris was home early because of the heat and volunteered to watch ellie.  this is bradley about to swing into the pit after touching the bar with his toes.  I thought he was so grown up when I didn’t take him into Little Gym anymore.  this just seems unreal!


my big boy flipping over.  seeing your child conquer something new is the best mommy feeling ever.

we are finishing up some private swim lessons tomorrow.  he told his teacher that he was going to jump off the diving board.  I don’t want to pressure him, but I know he can do it.  I’ll just have to figure out how to take pictures and videos of that without letting ellie jump into the deep end.


summer if flying by, and I am just trying to soak it in.  tomorrow will be filled with a play date with cousin sammy, and possibly our first jump off the diving board.  the mommy memories are too much.

now off to prop up these feet and watch SYTYCD!  Love, Clare

I promise to post some belly pics and actually write an entire baby post.  poor baby #3!!


Colleen said...

You poor thing! You must be dying in this heat! I'd be nuts. I don't blame you for tiring out that early. Ellie is the cutest!!! Little trouble maker!

Jodee said...

Clare -- You poor thing! Hang in there! I can totally understand! I was very unmotivated and tired during pregnancy. In addition, I could never make a decision (which is totally unlike me)! Some days it made me crazy! I was always ready to be done!

Christy said...

I want to see the belly shot! I need to do another one myself. I feel like I really have to soak up every last ounce of this pregnancy, because I'll probably never experience it again.

Christy said...

P.S. The heat is RIDICULOUS. Try being 9 months pregnant in this weather. Ugh.

Lindsay said...

The 2nd picture of Ellie has got to be my almost most favorite picture ever.. you can see so much of her spunk in it!! Can't wait to see you guys in a little while!

Jenny said...

Ellie is just the cutest! Love those curls!

I can relate to the pool too...after about two hours, I am done! Ready to get out of a wet swimsuit and totally tired!

Can't wait to see a belly pic!

amanda said...

i remember last summer. super preggers and hot. there is nothing quite like it huh friend :)

put your feet up and just spray the kids with the hose -call it good :)

laura said...

hi friend - i've missed you (and your sister!!). i was thinking of you the other day, remembering how miserable i was being big and pregnant with my own october baby 4 summers ago. and i didn't have to chase around after wild-a-beasts then. more power to you, supermom!

and i totally love the wild-a-beast nickname. i may have to use that one here. i think our march babes have very similar personalities. although benny prefers the fresh beats to elmo...can't say that i mind! ;) stay cool, friend! xo!

Jennifer said...

I'm unmotivated and tired and I'm not even pregnant! You better take the chance to rest while you can :) Ellie and Hudson would be fast friends I'm sure. Your summer seems to be going well, hope you're enjoying it!