Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a Few Things

Sum, summ, summertime. 


Finally I feel like we are in the full swing of summer.  Bradley is fully recovered.  It is almost like he totally forgot about the whole ordeal, but I am a bit more traumatized.  That was a horrible way to spend the second half of June. 

But now summer is ahead of us and I am going full steam.  Last week after a low key fourth of July I got to start Tuesday with an ultrasound.  Everything is going great in baby land.  Baby 3 is growing perfectly.  One pound, six ounces.  24 weeks along.  The due date is creeping up around the corner.

I have to admit that I got home from the ultrasound a bit freaked out.  The nursery is far from ready.  We have done very little as far as preparing.  I keep waiting to kick into full on nesting mode, but I have just been tired.  During naptime and at night the couch just calls to me.  If I don’t rest in the afternoon and at least put my feet up, by seven I am completely beat.  I guess it is a combo of having two children to chase around and the summertime heat.  I did jump online and order blackout curtains for the nursery, a complete necessity.  Chris’ painters are coming through next week to touch up some items around the house, paint our new fence, and paint the nursery.  A buttery yellow is on tap.  With Bradley’s help we narrowed it down to two different yellows.  It isn’t going to be the most glamorous nursery, but it should be cute.  Our next big “to do” item is to buy Ellie a bedroom set, so we can move a majority of the nursery furniture over.  She will keep her crib, there is no way I am going to teach an 18 month old how to sleep in her own bed.  One thing at a time.  Newborn.  Toddlerhood.  THEN big girl bed. 

DSC_0347   We had visitors for a few days last week.  Aimee and her sweet little 13 month old Finn came down to our house.  Aimee and I have known each other since working together years ago.  Almost straight out of school!  I was so so lucky to have Aimee walk into that school building years ago.  Who knew what we would endure in an overwhelming building, with an overwhelmed staff, and children that needed so much.  We totally and completely bonded.  She is truly an inspiration.  I learned a lot from her, and we definitely have identical teaching philosophies. 

I ended up looping with my entire class of first graders, to get into her second grade team.  We had an open classroom, and the rest is history.  One large grant from Target and we were in reading bliss.  You get to really bond with someone when you hear them reading, teaching, and singing the clean up song a 1,000 times over the course of a school year.  She moved on to bigger and better things, getting her masters degree, and consulting for schools around the country (see I told you she was awesome!!). 


I think Finn had fun splashing around in the pool and of course watching Bradley all day.  What is it about the big kids?  They are so memorizing?


We played in the pool, trotted off to gymnastics, and chased the babies around the first floor.  They were literally having a war over the push toys.  Try convincing a 13 and 15 month old that it is their turn with the hippo.  Not an easy task!  Ellie isn’t a stranger to fighting for her things, she has an older brother.



They were so cute, racing up and down the hard wood floor.  I hope we can make it to her neck of the woods soon and get in a visit before my life gets turned upside down with three kiddos.

Sunday we made our way to the local vineyard for a Polo match.  One of my great childhood friends, Colleen and her husband Steve met us there for wine and horses.  Unfortunately it was HOT!!  We made the best of it, and ate sandwiches and watched the match.


  The poor boys trucked all the way over the winery (you can see it in the background) to get wine.  They arrived back just in time for the golf cart to come around selling wine to all of the spectators.  They didn’t think that was very funny.


At half time we walked onto the field to stomp the divots.  Can we say, Pretty women??  So fun! 

Bradley did come with us, but he spent 99% of the time watching from inside the minivan.  I don’t blame him.  It was actually much cooler in there.  I’m still glad we went.  It is located right by our neighborhood, and such a shame not to go once in a while.  Next time, we will plan ahead for a breezy summer day.

I think this post got me pretty much up to date.  Happy Summertime!!


Colleen said...

You guys are keeping busy!!! Love the picture of Ellie in the pool. She is getting so big!

Lindsay said...

So glad Bradley has forgotten about it!! Sounds like you had a great visit with Aimee!

aimee said...

We had so much fun playing with the Winns! Thanks again for having us. Glad you got some photos because sadly I didn't take any - too busy chasing my boy who was in pure heaven the entire time! Can't wait to see you again soon!

Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a great time with a long time friend!

As always, I love seeing the pictures you take...gorgeous!

I am with you on the nesting, waiting for it to kick in. Although, you have your hands a bit fuller than I do! Happy 24 weeks!

amanda said...

isn't it crazy how kids rebound?? and us moms?? totally can't let go!! so happy summer time is back in your neck of the woods!

Colleen Q said...

We had so much fun with you guys sunday...thx for taking us to the polo match...and for my bday cake :)

laura said...

i think ellie and ben need to go swimming together. they would be a riot.

glad to hear everyone is FINALLY on the mend and you are FINALLY able to enjoy the summer!

love the pic of colleen and her hubs stomping the divots. can we say pretty woman?! ;)

miss you! hope life (and #3-to-be) are treating you well! can we please see a belly bump post?!!?!?!