Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big One You Make Me Smile…


You amaze me with your positive attitude.  These past few weeks of summer haven’t really gone your way.  Two weeks of illness, fever and just plain torture for me and you.  We were happy as clams to see you finally back to your normal self for the past two weeks.

Then this weekend, fever struck again.  No other symptoms, just fever, tiredness, and concern.  We kept a watchful eye over you, and nursed you back to health.  A few scared calls to the pediatrician, and I was talked down from the ledge.  You are really making this summer interesting!  He isn’t quite sure why you would pop back up with another fever.  He felt that you may have caught something else. 

Daddy and I think that maybe you just weren’t fully recovered from your first round, and it decided to strike again.  Whatever the case, please cut is out!  This mama has been worried and pregnant to boot.  That equals lots of tears people!! 


Also, I just hate that a better part of this summer you haven’t been feeling well.  I hope this is just a fluke and all will be well in our house for the months to come.  But, between now and then I am keeping a close eye on you.  Trying to take it easy, get to bed early, and keep you out of the heat (hello, heat wave hitting the US!). 


So we are finding some things to do around the house.  The stash of Michael’s crafts have been dipped into quite a bit.  I snapped these photos the other afternoon while you were stamping jungle animals and coloring in a jungle scene.  We have pulled out play doh, made sports bead bracelets, and of course we have played Candyland 100 times.

There have been mini trips to the pool, and earning prizes from the library reading program.  I am trying my best to make it fun, while we stick close to home.

We are heading to one of our favorite spots next week, and then to the beach!  I want you to feel well and enjoy your trips.  But, I think we are going to have to take it easy and follow your lead.  That nasty virus really did a number on your energy level!


Big one you make me smile with that little look over your shoulder, and the happiness you bring around our house.  You want to listen to the music from music class during quiet time.  You are starting this huge obsession with the solar system.  Doing your best to learn to swim.  Wanting to beat everyone at Candyland.  Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles.  You make life fun.  You make your baby sister laugh. 

Stay well my big one!  Love, mama


Lindsay said...

Such a sweet post!! I love those pictures!! So glad he is doing better!

Colleen said...

oh my gosh Clare, I can't believe he had another fever. I feel so bad : ( I hope this passes for you and you can enjoy your upcoming beach trip.

laura said...

oh my goodness gracious...your sweet boy. i am so sorry the fever came back, but thankful that the doctors aren't worried. continuing to think happy, healthy thoughts for bradley...and all of you!


Jodee said...

Bless his little heart. What a rough summer. Hope he is feeling better soon!

amanda said...

happy stay healthy thoughts friend!!

ps - when did he get so big? in this post he just looks like he grew up all of a sudden!!!