Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Big Jump

My little man did the big jump last week.  The little boy that would hardly jump off the side of the pool last summer.  The sweet one that would cry and cry if his face got wet.  Well he grew up into a big old swimmer.  I am so proud of him…

Bradley’s First Jump Off the Board July 2011

There have been a few more jumps since then, but most of them involved some sort of crying or tantrum at the end of the board.  I think he “wants” to do it, he just doesn’t “love” doing it yet!  Either way, I am so beyond proud of this little guy.  He told me for the entire summer that he wasn’t going to jump off the board until he was 5.  I guess wonders never cease.  Go Bradley!!

On the other hand, this little lady jumped off the side of the pool today with out Mommy’s help. 


We spent the morning at the spray park.  Which was a much needed water break for me.  This little lady is a lot to handle at the pool these days.  So to be a enjoying a water activity without me having to worry about her going under every 5 seconds was nice.  It was also great to see how much she has grown.  Since our last visit back in June, she was still crawling.  Today I actually had two children running, playing, and splashing. 


She insisted on climbing up on these sprayers.  She saw all the cool kids doing it.  Ellie would walk right up to them and say, “up, up.”  I am thinking I have a dare devil/thrill seeker on my hands.  After two minutes of this…


She would slide off and go running to the front to get really wet. 


yes, I am adorable.  I wear froggy bathing suits and water shoes.  I am big!


We met a bunch of old friends there.  Of course by the time I pulled out my camera, all of the big kids had moved on to the playground.  Besides Margaret.  She has a thing for Ellie and always keeps a close eye on her for me.


The summer check list is slowly getting checked off.  Play dates.  Bathing suits.  Diving boards. 

Summer Overload!

Now time to gear up for our week at the beach!!  Love, Clare



Lindsay said...

awww Way to go Bradley!! Uncle Tim and Aunt Lindsay watch this over and over again!!

Ellie the daredevil!! Love it! :-)

amanda said...

ok seriously her little legs in the froggy suit?? edible friend - just edible!!

Jenny said...

Awesome Bradley! Such a brave little guy!

Can I just say..love the froggy suit...too cute!

Colleen said...

Go B!! that's so great. I am laughing at Ellie. She is such a stinker putting you thru that!!! Funny girl.

amy said...

Ellie is SOOOOO precious!!!

aimee said...

The splash park looks like so much fun! Yay, Bradley!