Monday, June 20, 2011

Up, Up and Away

Well, I survived the first week of summer.  The first week I have had both kids at home all day every day in almost 10 months!  Of course just give me a bit more of a challenge Ellie decided to go from this…

Stroller Walking June 2011


to this…

First Steps June 2011

Wow, I forgot how much walking changes things!  We went from the manageable crawl to the full blown, watch her every second, she is going to fall, let me help you, won’t let me hold her for one second, walking.  I know, I know, running is next!

I am totally a sucker for that adorable baby waddle.  I just spend time watching her with googlie eyes while she stomps around in that little flat footed walk.  Miss Independent here we come!


We spent the week doing lots of fun stuff.  Mostly the pool, little visits to the gym, and some great little play dates.  Daddy went golfing for father’s day with his buddies.  Mommy lost her mind by day four and was requesting personal quiet time from four year old that NEVER stop talking.  I mean never.  Going to one of our favorite Children’s Museums on Thursday, Amazement Square was a nice change of pace.


The kiddos spent a great deal of time at the entrance of the museum pushing these things back and forth on a large board.  If one side went in, the other popped out.  You can say it was a bit of a battle…


A few buddies met us for the trip.  I only took four pictures.  Four.

Remember, I was following this little girl that wants to walk all over kingdom come?  Don’t let her innocent smock watermelon outfit fool you.  She is on a mission!


At least strollers, and snack traps can keep her entertained for five minutes.

This week Bradley has “camp” and Ellie has been a little sick.  So I think our game plan will be to take it easy, rest up, and prep for my next three weeks with both kiddos at home.

I need to look up some other fun stuff to do, suggestions?

Love, Clare


Colleen said...

omg, look her go!! love it! hmm, I printed a summer bucket list that had a ton of cute ideas on it. I am not all that creative when it comes to stuff like that. Have fun (and don't lose your sanity!).

Lindsay said...

ohh my word I saw her walking on Friday.. but I still had to watch these videos over and over! Love that cute little waddle! Want to do the Safari park one day? We would meet up and go down? Or that petting zoo we went to that one time with the camel, horse, goats, etc. Love you!! Thanks for the pool date Sammy and I had a blast!

laura said...

eeek! look at those big girl steps!!! i am DYING for ben to finally get up and go. his longest stretch happened this weekend at the park - 10 big steps. he's so close...and he better be too. my arms can't hold him much longer!

congrats mama! when did our babies become toddlers?! xo!

paige said...

what a doll! i know you feel like she changes every day!
i hope she feels better & that bradley has fun a camp.
it's funny how summer time is just as busy as school time!
ps. i love tomato, cheese & avacado sandwiches too!

Jenny said...

wow! so exciting! i love seeing baby steps, although i am with you, makes me so nervous!

amanda said...

walking?? i am sooo not ready for this. just not ready!!