Thursday, June 23, 2011

sometimes its rough

sometimes it is tough to be the mommy

the baby gets sick, she gets hot, hot, hot

she wakes you up with her fever and her scared little moaning cry

she whines and clings and won’t accept anything less than being held by mommy for three days straight

but she is a really, really cute laundry folder


and she loves to play peek a boo with you for entertainment




you know the drill, big brother gets sick next

he misses days at camp and gets hot, hot, hot

he cries and whines and takes lots of medicine

luckily for mommy, he likes to watch movies and lay on the couch


and legos have become a new favorite thing


they have 589 pieces and take a good majority of ellie’s naptime to put together (ok, only 231)

bradley insists that he knows how to put it together,

while mommy insists that we read the 70 page book and follow the directions properly

is it already in their DNA to not follow directions at the age of 4?


after a fun visit from the fed ex man, this arrived

mommy put it together all by herself, with the help of a sweet little baby

we gave it a test drive just to venture out of the house

I hope tomorrow is the end of it, poor little babies and poor mommy

thank you amanda for showing me instagrams on my iphone

I’m hooked in a major way

and yes my iphone hasn’t left my side since last wednesday

totally obsessed!!

since we are on a kick of phone pics, here are some from a sunnier day…


bradley riding a horse for the first time down by the farm


he even got to ride around the barrels, so big!!

gotta love daddy documenting the first time even though I missed it!!

Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

poor sweeties! I hope they feel better soon! XOXOXO to my niece and nephew!! Of course to my sister as well!

Jenny said...

So sorry you have sick babies, hope they are feeling better soon! Love that stroller..who makes it?

Colleen said...

Oh no! I hope they feel better soon and you don't get it. Ellie sure is a cutie!

Jodee said...

You poor thing! When it rains, it pours! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Jentifur said...

Sorry to hear the kids are sick. Hope you don't come down with it... LOVE the space shuttle leggo!! I think I might need that for my office. :)

Krystyn said...

Poor kiddos and poor mommy. It's not fun at all.

stacy said...

Hope everyone gets well... soon! And no one else gets sick!

amanda said...

well hello instagram :) it's obsessive isn't it??

so sorry about the sickness friend - hope everyone is back to normal :)

laura said...

so sad to see from facebook that bradley is still sick....summer colds are the worst, huh?! thinking happy healthy thoughts for your kiddos (and for you!!)!