Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Explanation Needed


This is pretty much how it goes.  It’s hot.  Super hot.  Like 105 degrees with the heat index. 

Children and I go to end of the year “water” party at Bradley’s school.  Very fun and cute for Bradley.  But mostly Ellie and I watch and sweat while all of the kiddos run around throwing sponges and cups of water on each other.  Then the sprinklers turn on.  It gets even hotter.  Ellie decides to walk and crawl around in the mulch, dirt and sand. 

By the end of the water party, I decide that my feet are swollen and we won’t be making our second planned stop at the pool.  Home and air conditioning are calling me.  That and the fact that a red faced little baby falls asleep in the car after .2 seconds of leaving school.

This is where I find myself.


Back home.  In the AC.  Staring at the huge mess that is our family room.  And resting this puppies.


I think that this summer heat and my third pregnancy might take a toll on my body.  My hands got swollen the other night after a late night walk with my girlfriends.  That usually doesn’t happen until week 36.  We have a way to go people!  Soon I get joined by a little person on the rug and then I look like this.


Really adorable.  Super squishy.  And almost edible.


Then this little baby decides that looking at a pile of board books on the carpet is really boring.  And she goes off for better adventures.


She finds Caterpillar back hoes.


And little people school buses.


All this while the big man watches his third show on Nick Jr.  Bubble Guppies is annoying.  But, I am HOT.  And my feet hurt.  So I continue my stay on the carpet.


Of course I also have the view of a sweet, sweaty baby crawling around in her diaper.  Does she look tired?

I think I have many mornings at the pool in my future and if the heat index crawls up above 100 again, I don’t think I will be leaving the house. 

Besides just talking about the heat, and my feet, I have been on a movie kick.

Hangover II and Bridesmaids are funny, funny movies.  I loved them both, but I think Bridesmaids gets my final vote.


Do you think this will hold in #2 at the pool?  Not quite sure about it, and really don’t want to be ‘that mom’ that made everyone get out of the pool for a poop accident.  That would be bad!


This is all I want to eat.  Tomato, cheese and avocado sandwiches.  Yummm.  Every day for lunch.  For weeks now.  I know I am boring, but they are so good.


My children are away for the weekend.  Off visiting Grandma on the farm.  Riding the jeep, eating fried chicken, and having a ball.  Bradley might be taking his first horse ride tomorrow.  I can’t wait to hear about it.  I miss them terribly when they are gone, but it is so nice to get some things done around the house.  It is good for Chris to have time with just them too.  Ellie gave him a run for his money on the trip down.  Fingers crossed they have a smoother trip back tomorrow.

I think I pretty much covered everything.  Feet, sweat, babies, baby bellies, and sandwiches.

Love, Clare  


Chelle said...

Super adorable pics...I love them all!

And your sandwich sounds so good-not boring compared to my (almost) daily pb&j :)


Jenny said...

A weekend...alone. my little man but a weekend of sleeping in sounds pretty good!

As for this heat, I am with you. Can't take it being pregnant.

That sandwich looks so yummy! Isn''t it funny the things we want to eat!

Colleen said...

wow, that's hot! I can see why it's tough on you. I never could do pregnant and hot! terrible combo.

Enjoy the weekend to yourself : )

Christy said...

My feet swell up every single time the temperature rises above 90 degrees. I am going to be 9 months pregnant in AUGUST. I can't even imagine how awful I am going to feel

Lindsay said...

oo love the pictures! Get those feet up girl! Looks like it wont be so hot for our pool date later this week.. Friday's weather looks better than Thursday only 30% chance of thunderstorms.

amanda said...

now i need one of those sandwiches!!

ps - i still love your curtains :)

laura said...

syd's an october baby...i so remember being big and preggo during the summer. the pool was my savior. i also didn't have any kids at that point. chasing around after 2 and being preggy in this are definitely one rockstar mama!!!

my fave sandwich of choice while preggy, and while not preggy, is cheese-bread-and-mayo. seriously. could there be anything more boring than that?! ;)

enjoy the ac! and bubble guppies! ha!

aimee said...

Poor feet!

Ang said...

Tomato, cheese, avocado -yummy indeed!

Heat + pregnancy = no fun!