Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life in the Slow Lane


Well, this virus has really knocked us off our feet.  Your prayers worked on Monday, because Tuesday Bradley woke up warm 100.5, but not blazing hot.  It was an improvement!

Tuesday afternoon he almost felt cool again to me.  He started laughing and playing on the floor with Ellie.  Man it was so great to hear his little giggles.

Wednesday he woke up warm again, but he seemed better.  He said he was feeling better.  I talked to the doctor and he wanted me to get him outside, off the couch, into the sunshine.  Get him hungry so he would actually eat.  Not just 1/2 of an eggo waffle.  We went for a trip to the park, where Ellie walked around picking up mulch and just happy as a clam.  I think she was in shock to see sunlight and something other than the living room carpet.  Bradley spent the entire trip sitting on the park bench sipping on water.  After 30 minutes he told me that he wasn’t feeling well.  We got home and I prepped lunch.  After a while I checked on him on the couch and bam…the thermometer read 102.5. 

mama lost her marbles.  I didn’t say anything in front of Bradley, but to see him laying there again, on fire, I was just beside myself.  A few frantic calls to the hubby and the doctor and I felt better, but how could this be happening again, I thought we were getting better?  So frustrating.  The doctor still seems encouraged that his temp was lower yesterday, and just thinks that this can happen with these nasty viruses.  The poor boy crawled right into bed and slept for almost three hours.  We are ordered to continue with dosing the medicine and to try again tomorrow to get him up and moving.  He is just plain feeble and weak from so many days of fever and laying around.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I am praying for a time when I finally don’t have to force Tylenol and ibuprofen down him.  I am just praying to get out of the house, have a play date, go to dinner, pretty much anything outside! 

I did set up the baby pool for Ellie the other day on the deck.  She was in heaven…




Of course Bradley wanted to join her on the deck to test out the baby pool. 





Just another day in paradise. 





Oh how much you love your children.  I would take this away from him in a second if I could.  I can’t believe how hard his little body is fighting to get better.  It is painful to see your children so ill.

my mantra, tomorrow he WILL get better.  xo, Clare


Colleen said...

omg, I cannot believe how big Ellie looks!!!

I am so sorry! This is a really long virus! I am hoping he is better soon.

laura said...

oh friend...i am so sorry sweet bradley can't seem to shake this bug. you have such a positive attitude about it all...and i just know he WILL get better tomorrow. xo!

Jentifur said...

Praying for your little boy! I can't imagine feeling that sick for so long. How terrible! Sending good thoughts your way.

Lindsay said...

this is the illness that will not end! Get better Bradley! Give me a call when you get a minute! XOXO

amanda said...

darn it honey - i was really hoping/praying the fever would be gone by sorry. i know the misery of a mama with a sick little. no fun at all. no fun.

tomorrow will be better!!


Jenny said...

that is just awful Clare...I do hope he is feeling better today! a fever really does take it out of you. Sounds like once he is better, you are going to need a little "me" time!

Love the pics of Ellie! She so cute and getting so big!

Amanda said...

Hi Clare!

I'm sorry to hear that your little one still hasn't recovered. :(

I gave you the "One Lovely Blog" Award! See what that means here:


noreen said...

Hi Clare, I'm praying that Bradley's fever is gone and that he is healthy to enjoy the summer weather! And for you to get out for some fun summer activities! God Bless.

Simply Reborn said...

Hi i just wanted to stop by and let you know that i think you have such a lovely blog. I have stumbled upon it through your D.I.Y mobile post and have been hooked by your lovely photos and words!

I might be late for this but just incase i would respectfully like to give you a tip when it comes to fevers, this has been working great for my 2 yr old son, he had a high fever for 8 days with long days of sleeping and almost no eating but i was able to break his fever with.. egg whites and apple cider vinegar. Yes i was a skeptic at first plus it made him smell a little but i was desperate. I put one egg white on a bounty under each of his bare feet and tied a plastic bag over it to keep the mess contained and i also wet bounty with the vinegar and put it on his temple, back of his neck, and belly. Let me tell you his fever broke in less than 3 hours when nothing else had worked!

Of course it came back the next day ( on his bday) when i got too confident and took him out but i did it again and yet again his fever broke and he was playing alittle and eating. I got this idea from , its a website dedicated to natural alternatives and its great. So i just wanted to pass on the knowledge to other great mamas such as yourself and anyone reading cause i truely know what its like to watch my children suffer and feel so helpless. Sorry for the rambling. May god bless you and your beautiful beautiful family, the little one on the way and everyone reading your blog!