Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Earning My Mommy Badge

The past nine days have been a roller coaster.  Sick babies, sick big brothers, and two tired parents.


First it was Ellie.  She is the culprit.  She picked up the summer virus somewhere along the way (my guess is the children’s museum).

Three days of high fever and fussiness, but then all was well.

Wednesday we went to camp and Bradley started feeling sick.  I came to get him with a fever of 102.  Well, it didn’t drop for days.  Medicine made it tolerable.  But, he was miserable for the most part.

We vegged out.  We watched hours and hours of TV, movies, blu-ray, shows on the Wii.  We played on the couch.  We played in the basement.  Ellie and I played on the deck while he rested.  Three days passed and he didn’t get better. 

Still feverish on Saturday.  Still 103.5.  Still waking up at 11, then 4 or 6 on FIRE in the middle of the night, needing more medicine. 

Then Sunday morning he walked in HOT, and this mama started to get worried.  We called the pediatrician immediately.  Five days at 102 or 103+ wasn’t acceptable.  The doctor stopped by.  Yes, on Sunday afternoon (he is amazing).  Looked him over from head to toe.  Checked for strep.  Said, he was all clear for strep, but we would have to get blood work done on Monday if his fever didn’t break.  That this was a summer virus going around.  No other symptoms besides high, high fever and watery eyes.  Nothing else.

I was convinced it would be gone in the morning.  He is going to be fine tomorrow, I told myself.  We will wake up with our old Bradley back.  I missed his chatty old self.  He was so, so quiet.  So tired.  Gray circles under his eyes.  Sunday night he cried saying that he didn’t feel good.  He just wanted to be better.  His eyes hurt.  His brain hurt.  His arms ached.  His shoulders ached.


I have never in my life seen him this sick.  It is scary to feel so helpless.  To only be able to offer your child two teaspoons of some sugary medicine and tell them that it is going to be better tomorrow, when you aren’t quite sure yourself.

Monday morning came.  The thermometer read 103.1.  I was devastated.  We went to the hospital to get his blood drawn.  The pediatrician gave us good advice on how to handle the situation with him.  There was quite a bit of fear and tears, but we all survived.  Daddy went to Toys R Us and surprised him with lots of goodies to take home. 

Chris and I didn’t talk about it much, but we were both really scared.  Why wasn’t he getting better?  Was there something more serious going on?  Ellie was only sick for a few days.  He should be better.  The doc encouraged us that this was just routine when any child has a high fever for over five days.  I was deeply worried.  I waited all day for the call.


He was fine.  All of the blood work was normal.  But, we were going to have to wait it out.  Two to three more days the doctor said.  I said some prayers last night for my little guy.  Please just let him get better.

He didn’t wake us up for medicine in the middle of the night.  We checked on him and he felt warm but not HOT.  This morning the thermometer read 100.5.  We are making progress.


We aren’t completely out of the woods.  But, it is a heck of a lot better than 103.5.  I’ll take it for now.  Bradley said he felt better.  Which is crazy, because this would normally be a high fever.  I am sure it must feel better than 103.

I don’t know why this virus hit him so hard.  Today I am just plain thankful.  I am glad we are healthy.  I am so thankful that this wasn’t something else, something much worse that I don’t want to even comprehend.  Even if his fever is gone tomorrow, it is going to take us a while to be back to normal.  He is really worn out.  He has hardly eaten a thing in seven days.  He is weak.

Next week I am hoping to be back at the pool.  Back in action.  For now, I just want that thermometer to read 98.6.  I will be one happy mama.


  stay well, love, Clare


Colleen said...

Oh Clare, that is some scary stuff. I hate fevers! especially high ones like that. I hope he is getting better each day.

Lindsay said...

oo poor sweet little Bradley.. I hope he continues to get better!!

Jodee said...

The poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better soon!

Christy said...

Poor Bradley. We are just getting over a bad summer cold too. It started with a fever and watery eyes, but then turned into a nasty cough (which would make my daughter vomit). I feel for you, and I am glad your baby boy is feeling better.

Katie said...

So sorry to hear that Bradley has been so sick. It is so scary when our babes are not well. Hope he's on the mend quickly!!

amanda said...

i read these in order but somehow i am commenting out of order?? anyways - still praying and fingers crossed that tomorrow you all get in a trip to target!!