Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy, but Good.

I have been feeling a bit behind.  And full of heartburn.  Yes, I have been negligent in my blogging.  Quickly finding a few moments to upload some pictures and talk about my adorable, chubby, and sweet children.  Like this little thing…


She walks around the house with her ‘baby’ and stroller.  She manhandles that thing.  She gets herself stuck and unstuck.  She throws her baby on the ground, and then gives it kisses while putting it back in the stroller upside down.


She zooms past me with her wobbly steps yelling ‘mama’ or giggling.  I just could eat her up with a spoon.  I know Chris could too.


He says that she is all about her mama, but she is a Daddy lover too.  Did I mention we have been at the pool every waking second we aren’t finishing up preschool or keeping toddlers awake even when they still want that morning nap.  Yep, fun times.  Each day you roll the dice to see what you are going to get.  Two naps.  One nap.  One short nap and one long nap.  One nap that is too long and thus requires serious mommy patience to last the afternoon and get dinner made.  Oh, and did I mention a molar is coming in? 


But then she wears tutus and looks at you with mischievous eyes and you melt. 

We headed over to the vineyard this weekend to celebrate our favorite friend’s birthday.  There is just something magical about chocolate birthday cakes, no matter what your age. 


Happy birthday Rick!  There were cute babies at the vineyard.  Our friends make the cutest kids.  I mean, talk about eating her up with a spoon??!  Look at that drool!


And of course there was this baby too.


And the big kids ran around playing soccer and eating loads of sweet fruit. 


There aren’t many pictures of them, because I was to busy taking pictures of babies.



And Daddy’s with their babies in hot pink hats, too.


Love this man that holds babies in hot pink hats and feeds them juice.  Chris decided that since is 90 degrees here every day he is going to start running again.  So proud of him!!  Keep it up babe!  Can’t wait for our surprise date night on Friday, whoop, whoop.

All right enough of all these beautiful baby pictures.  Did I mention I am 20 weeks this week??  Whaaat?  How in the world did that happen?

Off to pack up the pool bag, the cooler, the juice, the snacks, the cut up baby pieces of fruit, the towels, the swim diapers, the wipes, the change of clothes, and throw in some pool toys, did I forget anything?  Life is good.  Busy and good.

And I will blog more this week!  I promise!

Love, Clare


Jodee said...

Oh my goodness! This post almost gives me baby fever! HA HA! It looks like you are having loads of fun this summer. I can't believe you are half way through your pregnancy! Time flies!

Lindsay said...

Love this post!! Love those pictures! Ohh Ellie you melt my heart! Bradley looks in awe of the cake ;-)

Colleen said...

such cute photos! Glad you are enjoying the nice weather. It's finally nice here. I'm so anxious to start doing some of that fun summer stuff!

Jenny said...

Such cute baby overload! Love it! Its great to be a busy mom, makes for sleepy babies!

aimee said...

Oh my goodness, so glad to hear that the napping dilemma isn't just happening at my house. Finn's AM nap has been lasting 3 or 3.5 hours and then he doesn't want to take a PM nap. I hate to wake him up from the AM nap and it doesn't seem like I can skip the AM nap. Argh. Not quite sure what to do. Love your girl in pink!

amanda said...

twenty weeks already!! honey no flippin way!!

love that you are all loving al things summer :)

laura said...

20 weeks?! how on earth are you 20 weeks already?!?! have you had "the" ultrasound?! are you finding out this time or no??

ben is still solidly taking 2 naps. in fact, i have to wake him from both naps, or he'd sleep forever.

and that look ellie is giving you in the tutu --- make a mama swoon!!!