Sunday, June 19, 2011

Because He Rocks!


It’s true, he does!!  He will do it all.  Change diapers, bath kiddos, heat up bottles of milk for his sweet princess,  play t-ball in the backyard (just one more hit daddy), color endless spider man pages, and cut up hot dogs into bite size pieces. 

All of it.  Fatherhood.  He embraces all aspects of it.  He passes the test.  Here’s the proof.


Not many Daddies volunteer to coach 4 year olds playing t-ball.  He was awesome with the team, and I wouldn’t have expected any less.  Even when they missed the ball for the third time in a row, Chris was right there cheering them on.


Babe, you work so hard.  I don’t know how you balance it all?  Your business.  Your customers.  And still giving us so much at home.  I am one lucky gal.  And these two are the luckiest of them all.


Because they have you.  And that is priceless.

Bradley got the cake right.  You are the #1 Dad around here.


Happy Father’s Day to you and all of the other amazing Dad’s out there!

Including my Dad!  You’re pretty fabulous too! 


Can you believe how little Ellie looks in this picture from Christmas?  Crazy!

Love, Clare


amanda said...

happy happy fathers day!

Colleen said...

so sweet! Great pics of your man and the kids : )

Lindsay said...

Great pictures Clare!! Love Chris' cake! yum!

laura said...

aw, so sweet! that t-ball group pic is priceless!! hope ya'll had a fun weekend celebrating all things daddy!