Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beauty Before Me


you just look at them and think, I created you.  a perfect being.  and I want to remember all of you.  your sweet face, lips, and perfect nose.


the way your sweet hair flips up on the edges of your ears.  it didn’t do that until just recently.  I still remember that little mohawk growing in last summer.  will I remember you this way?  or will you grow and this part of my memory will grow fuzzy?


will I remember the way I had to squeeze your sweet baby body into a swim suit.  your little legs popping out of the bottom in their perfect way.  the lines of your sweet legs making creases, but trying to grow at the same time. 


the smile on your face when the fountain got you one more time.


it is all there.  and it is all here.  forever documented for me to remember.  so when you tell me about your sweet baby some day.  her legs, her hair and her soft baby face.  and how you never loved anything more in your life.  I know what I will say.


I will listen.  I will nod my head.  I know ellie.  I love you that much.  all of you.  because you are a part of me.  perfect the way you are.  made to be the greatest joy for your daddy and I. 

don’t ever change baby girl.  (you don’t have to grow up either)

love, mama


Lindsay said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! Ohh Ellie you are absolutely perfect, beautiful, and precious! Great job capturing the moment Clare!

amanda said...

so sweet friend.

love the little things. and love that we can savor them on the blog :)

laura said...

crying sappy mama tears at 8:48am! :) i was thinking similar things yesterday when benny came over to me and gave me a big hug and just stood there, his head on my shoulder. i made you, you are mine, all mine. you are the most perfect thing ever.

love the pool pics too!! xo!

3 Peanuts said...

So sweet. She looks exactly like Chris!!! it is astonishing!

Jenny said...

total sweetness and such special moments to remember!

aimee said...

She's gorgeous! She looks so big and grown up. Can't wait to meet her this summer!