Monday, June 13, 2011

After Dinner

Sometimes after dinner we like to go outside.  Sometimes it is still really hot and sticky.  After we eat our ice cream, we watch daddy turn on the sprinklers.  Then chaos ensues. 


Clothes get stripped off.  Bradley waits patiently for the cool sprinkle of the water to reach the front porch.


Ellie isn’t sure that she is up for this game of getting soaked before bed.

Then Bradley goes for it.  Full force in the yard.  Butt crack and all.


Sometimes he just reminds me so much of Chris.  The resemblance is unmistakable.


We try Ellie one more time under the water.  Just to see if she likes it or not.





I think NOT. 

Off to bed with one wet baby and one soaked big brother.  Isn’t summer the best?

Love, Clare


Colleen said...

Love the pics of Ellie - so funny!!

Jodee said...

Adorable sprinkler pictures!

amanda said...

poor ellie :)

we were just in the sprinkler tonight and yes summer is the best! (well a close second after fall)!

Miriam said...

So cute! I love the little things like that, too. Ellie reminds me so much of my own little Claire! And I had to laugh that the resemblance between your son and husband came right after the revealed butt crack pic and comment! Too funny! I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your fantastic pics! Hope you're feeling well!

Annmarie said...

Stop making my beautiful great niece cry, right now!! haha She doesn't like it because she knows she will melt because she is so sweet!! Kisses to you and the kiddos xoxox

Lindsay said...

ooo love it! Butt crack and all ;-) Ellie still looks stinking cute when she is crying :-P

laura said...

i love this! we are outside on our porch every night after dinner. in fact, we've been eating dinner on our porch every night this week. there have been no sprinklers involved however...we may need to change that after seeing how fun it looks!


Gina said...

Summer is the best for sure! Your babies are growing up too fast! Glad they are enjoying the warm weather. You are a fun mom to let them get sticky and run wild before bedtime!

aimee said...

Yes, summer is the best! Sweet photos. Can't wait to see mini-Chris and that very sweet and chubby girl. I could just squeeze her!

Ang said...

The next time we're in the sprinklers out on the deck after dinner, it'll be fun to think about how you and your bambinos are probably out doing the very same thing. :)