Friday, May 6, 2011

This and That


Life has been good this week.  The weather fabulous, giving us lots of opportunities to venture outside.  Trips to the park with friends we haven’t seen in a few weeks.  Walks around the neighborhood, ringing doorbells to see who can come out and play. 


These pictures are from last month, hidden away in my computer files.  They remind me to get out there and enjoy all of this sunshine. 

Bradley’s favorite activity in the car is to watch the progression of the pool.  First they drained it.  Cleaned it.  Now it is filled to the brim with fresh water and the fountains are running.  It is hard to explain to a four year old that it still won’t open for a few weeks.  He tends to think that days are weeks.  So, we are slowly counting down the pool opening at the end of the month!

We bought a new car this week.  I am now officially a minivan mom.  It is still growing on me.  So easy with the kids.  Bradley thinks it is AWESOME.  He has told everyone that we have a minivan.  Even the bagger at Harris Teeter.  I can’t wait to tell him this when he is 13, and thinks our car is the dorkiest thing even.  And he doesn’t want me to pull up to school, but meet him down the street to pick him up.

When I was running this morning I saw 9 deer in the golf course in our neighborhood.  They were so close, and just looked at me run by with their ears perked up.  So amazing!


You may have guessed, but I have given up on my “Project 365.”  Sad, but true.  The first trimester kicked my butt in a big way.  I was more tired than I had been these past two pregnancies.  Granted I had two children to watch.  But, I just couldn’t pick up the camera.  Thinking about taking pictures felt like an enormous task.  Just thinking of the right thing to eat that wouldn’t make me sick felt like an enormous task.  Maybe next year, right?  All of you readers with three kids are laughing at that right now. 


Along with my 365 break, I have been taking a bit of crafting break too.  It took all of my might to finish Ellie’s house for her birthday.  I did make the memory game for Easter, but I will tell you that watching TV has become a good activity for now.  The sewing machine has been packed away since Ellie’s birthday, and I’m not sure when it will come back out.  I do have two different fabrics to make throw pillows for the couch which I really want to do.  That might be my first project, but not until this summer sometime.

I have become an obsessed reader again.  I don’t think I had picked up a book in six or so months.  The poor battery on my nook called it quits.  After finishing Night Road, I was back in the reading mood.  I am now 300 pages into Fall of the Giants, and completely addicted again.  I have been going up to bed at 8:30 or 9, just to have enough time read before I fall asleep.


Spring is here, and strawberries are ready to be picked.  Mother’s Day is around the corner.  So much to celebrate this mother’s day, that is for sure. 

So there you have it.  This and that from our lives right now.  Happy Friday!


Colleen said...

I don't blame you. The tired factor can do a job on you!!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Clare!

Anonymous said...

The kids pictures just put a BIG smile on my face after a long hard week of work. Love, Dad.

Jentifur said...

So nice to hear about your growing family. After all these years, you are still the sweet Clare I remember. Happy early Mother's Day!

Laural Out Loud said...

I was so exhausted during my first trimesters! The first pregnancy I worked, and I can't even telly ou how many times I'd wake up with my head on the keyboard, or leaning back against my chair with drool running down my chin, lol.

When we get a new car, it's going to be a minivan, too. I'm so excited by all the perks, but am still a little sad we can't afford a cross-over. Ah, well.

Krystyn said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm hoping to get some strawberries this weekend. They aren't open today to allow ripening, so I'm hoping for Sunday!

Lindsay said...

Isn't Fall of Giants sooo good.. I am on page 600!! Love these pictures!! I have no idea how you finished that house.. but I am totally impressed! Happy Mother's day Sis!

Jenny said...

The Night Road was so good! Loved that one. Just read Water for Elephants and loved if I could only get to the movies to see it!
Happy Mother's Day Clare...have a great weekend!

Jodee said...

Cute pictures! I hope you have a fun and relaxing Mother's Day!

amanda said...

happy mothers day friend :)

my new favorite picture? the one with her in the wagon where you can't see bradley! beautiful shot!