Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer is Calling Me


The lazy days of summer are beckoning.  This week I have found myself dreaming of preschool ending, and me and my little ducklings trucking up to the pool, parks, and spray places.  No crazy agenda.  Just whatever we feel like doing or not doing that week.  I am sure after the first two weeks I may be pulling out my hair and wondering what things I can do with the kiddos.

Bradley will do a week in June, July and August at his preschool summer camp.  They swim each morning at a pool at the preschool and do lots of fun activities.  I feel like this will be good to keep him familiar with school once things kick back up in August. 

In July Bradley is going to try “real gymnastics” at the big gymnastics studio on Thursdays.  They have a boys and girls summer camp that I hope he enjoys.  I have looked up a few other little fun things to do, the library summer reading program, a magician and reptile man coming to the elementary school, and of course the pool.  We will be biking, strolling or driving up there everyday.  And I am hoping that Bradley will become a better swimmer this summer.  No more water wings, just a little fish and his friends.  Fingers crossed on that one.


We have gotten a few little hints of summer this week.  The sun has been shining, and the days have gotten longer.  The heat has also turned up just a notch.  We pulled out the new sprinkler yesterday, and I think we are going to splash in it again today.  Tuesday we ventured out with a bunch of buddies to the strawberry patch.  It was an interesting trip for me, I don’t know how I will go with three kiddos.  Bradley spent most of his time digging through and eating strawberries, so I was attempting to hold Ellie and pick berries for the family.  After I decided that wasn’t going to happen, I plopped her down in the dirt and dug in. 


It didn’t take Ellie very long to figure out where the berries were located.  I would no sooner give her a big juicy strawberry to chomp on, she would have finished it, and found a nasty berry half mushed up to squish into her mouth.  I did a lot of digging out stems and green strawberries from her sealed tight mouth, and wasn’t able to find us many for the house.  I told Chris that we will have to go again with two adults.  One to man the baby and one to find the berries.  There is just nothing quite like a fresh picked strawberry!

We made it back home in one piece, covered in fresh strawberry ice cream and dirt covering Ellie’s entire body.  I threw both this kids in the bath and they slept for hours afterward.


I hope you are enjoying your first taste of summer time.  Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

What great pictures! Love the first glimpses of summer we are getting :-)

noreen said...

Hi Clare, what great pictures of your children. Looks like they all enjoyed themselves!

3 Peanuts said...

Clare, I have been a terrible blogger and friend. When you switched over to this blog, I never updated it in my sidebar and thus never saw your updates. Something made me think of you this morning and I sought out your new blog. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am so happy for you about baby 3#. Three kiddos are great. Yes, life will be like that photo of Bradley with
stuff spinning around but is full of JOY!!!!!

Also, Congratulations on your photography! I think you will do great. I tried it out last summer and shot lots of families and booked up very quickly but it was not for me AT ALL. God just did not call me to the photography business. I LOVE doing it for my family but I did not love doing it as a business in fact I dreaded it. BUT, I am back to doing marriage and parenting and relationship coaching and I DO LOVE that. Sometimes, we have to try out a few things to really find our calling...what God wants us to do and what we love to do to.

I will pray for an uneventful and safe pregnancy and lots of success in your new venture.


amanda said...

happy summer!! fresh strawberry ice cream? pretty sure that screams summer!!