Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Because


Because babies smile so big for the camera, it just melts your heart. 

You decide it IS worth it to have a picnic on the porch.  The sun is shining, the children are smiling, and life is good.

You get to see little girls trying to look out of the slats in their Easter dresses and Go Hokies bloomers.




These same sweet babies have extremely chubby legs and make standing look like the cutest thing in the world.  Especially when they curl up their toes so tight and show you just how hard it is to stay balanced.



Then they crawl over to the bucket of cars that big brother brought outside.  Lunch is too boring when there are cars and trucks to play with! 


Big brother joins in the fun after he has devoured his bagel, string cheese, and large pile of grapes.  I just sit back taking it all in.  Just because it is spring.  It is beautiful outside.

And baby curls are the most divine thing I have ever seen.


Along with dirty, grimy baby bodies.  Our beautiful picnic was caped off by a big old bath for these two.


Sometimes I just need to remember how fun the normal, everyday things are perfect just the way the are.  Yes there was some spilled juice, and a baby that kept crawling over Bradley’s and my lunch.  But, it was still a perfect moment.


Just because babies dance when they are happy.  And then can tell when we are happy too.  Happy to be with them in this moment.  Filled with sunshine and dirty baby legs.

Just because.




Colleen said...

Such a sweet post Clare! We all need these reminders time and again. How blessed you are!

And I love little miss ellie's chunky legs!!! too cute.

laura said...

love this, clare. we've been having lots of moments like this on our back porch. totally normal. nothing out of the ordinary. simply perfect.

and that b&w pic of ellie standing with the bloomers peeking out...priceless!!

Jentifur said...

Love those Hokie bloomers! Too cute!

eas said...

Thank you for the reminder about the simple things!

My Ellie has lil hokie bloomers too! Love them.

Lindsay said...

Love it!! I could eat her up w/ a spoon!! What a perfect lunch!

amanda said...

just because - might just be my favorite kind of moments :)