Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Did It Happen?



This weekend at Busch Gardens you ended the day looking like this. 

And it seems like just yesterday you looked like this…

bradley black

Bradley 19 months, running through the backyard

This weekend you decided you wanted to ride this…


Do you see the leaning forward death grip?? He said it was an "Awesome" ride!


You used to sit in your bumbo and look at adorable soft baby books...


 Now you fill your time flying in special planes around and around



You used to ride in your little car for hours, now you love to bump into other drivers when you get the chance.





I don't know when it happened little boy. Sometime in the past four years you decided it was ok to grow up without checking with me. I think I will always miss the days of toddling around the park and playing in your diaper.


Bradley and Larken circa June 2008 McGuffey Park

But there is also something so special about how grown up you now are.  Letting the lady put on a face paint mask is a huge step.  With an airbrush non the less.  Chris and I just stood back and took in your whole new grown up brave self.  We smiled.  We were extra proud.  Just last year you would let a face painter come near you with a ten foot pole.  Guess we have warmed up to the idea?



Of course Batman had to do some flying once he was fully masked!




I love you my little, big Batman loving boy!


Lindsay said...

ohh my word!! He looks grown up! I can't believe it! Tell him to slow down okay.. ;-)

Colleen said...

aww love seeing the pictures of him as a baby!

aimee said...

Such a big boy! Love the baby pictures!

amanda said...

where oh where is the pause button??

so sweet friend and love the look back :)