Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That Crazy Rabbit


This Easter was so special.  Just a great day spent as a family at home and at church.  Of course I can’t forget chris cooking up a fabulous Easter dinner.  Bradley was in our room bright and early.  He was surprised to find a new basket outside of his door and a trail of eggs going downstairs.  I just love the little things.  How excited he was about his basket.  Little wind up toys, whistles, and a REALLY big chocolate rabbit. 


Ellie was so pleased to find some bath toys and a new push and go alligator.  Hours of fun! 


Of course Bradley always wanted a wind up robot!!  A little picture of our Easter morning fun….our little man is into the playmobil toys in a big way.  He has the entire fire station, and the Easter bunny got him started with the police department.  His police car went straight to school on Monday morning for “share.” 



Then I saw this great idea for bunny shaped cinna~buns. All you need is raisins and a container of cinnamon rolls:


Use one roll for the face, and another roll for the ear. Raisins are great for the eyes and nose. They showed sliced almonds for the rabbit teeth, but I left those out.


Add some icing and pink sprinkles and you are in Easter bunny yumminess!  I adore this picture of Bradley.  Happiness with his bunny roll and police car filled to the brim with police men and two bad guys and a wind up robot of course! 


Then the Easter bunny left a funny trail by the door, with a clue. Can you guess what he brought us?





Tip toeing through the dew to uncover a sandbox!






I think everyone enjoyed it!!  Even little Ellie!!  After a few times telling her not to eat it, she figured it out and squealed and tried to scoop the sand like Bradley.  We have been in it almost every day twice a day since Sunday.  So much fun! 

We were planning on possibly getting a swing set, and then we found out about baby #3.  We figured a sandbox was a good alternative, and maybe the swing set will come later on.  We are going to have quite a few purchases coming up this year. 



I also made Bradley a homemade memory game.  I am going to give a tutorial on it later this week!  It is so much fun, and really easy to make. 

Hoppy Easter!


laura said...

so much fun, friend! my baby brother (who isn't really a baby anymore at age 23) was obsessed with playmobile! like obsessed! like trains, i can't wait until ben gets into them!!

happy sandboxing! :) and, i am dying for the make-your-own-memory tutorial! that is syd's favorite game! i think she would die if she had friends/family pictures on it!

hope you and the littlest-to-be are feeling great! pics, please!!

Colleen said...

such great pics Clare! I love the two of B with the faces he has going on. Priceless. They must love the sandbox. I know my two run straight for it.

Lindsay said...

What a wonderful Easter :-)! I love the new sandbox the seats are genius! Sammy is getting into the playmobil stuff and we got him the police station for Christmas we will have to get the boys together to play those! Sammy has been in imaginext heaven over here!

eas said...

love the sandbox pictures and i can't wait to see how you made the memory game!

amanda said...

loving the sandbox!! but even more? loving shirtless babies in the sandbox!! bring it on summer :)

aimee said...

Good for Ellie learning not to eat the sand. It seems like we'll never get past the putting inappropriate things into the mouth phase! Love the game! Can't wait to learn how you did it!