Thursday, April 28, 2011

Naptime is Craftime {Tutorial: Homemade Wooden Memory Game}


I saw this idea on Etsy and wanted to make it for Bradley.  Then I thought, this would be a great gift too!  So I made a game for Bradley, Sammy, Larken and Amalie.  All you need is:

14 to 16 wood pieces per game (3” by 4”)

2 of each of your favorite wallet sized photos

Mod Podge

Sponge Brushes

Acrylic Sealer Spray


Cut some wood to fit a wallet sized photo.  My wood pieces are 3” by 4”.  All of my games have seven or eight matches.  I have to be honest and tell you that one of Chris’ workers cut all of the wood for me.  But, I think this could definitely be done if you were handy or have a sweet hubby to recruit. 


Then gather up all of your favorite wallet sized photos of your sweeties.  Two of each!!


See, a perfect fit!!


Gather up your other supplies.  Mod Podge and sponge brushes.  I actually tried this first with a bristle brush, but so many of the pieces fell off, and got stuck to the pieces.  Not good!!  So a sponge brush is definitely the way to go on this project.  The Mod Podge is really hard to get off of the brushes.  I would try to do as much as possible and then throw the brush away.  It just didn’t ever come really clean for me.


Apply a thick coat to the back of your picture, then adhere to the front of your wood.  Then apply a coat over the top of the photo.  Try to get the edges well so your photo won’t be peeling up later.  Don’t worry it dries clear!


This shows how thickly I put on the mod podge, and how much it changes as it dries.


Repeat over all of your photo pictures.  I let them all dry overnight.  Take care to not drip or get any mod podge on the back of your wood, or it will stick to the newspaper.  I learned this the hard way!  It doesn’t come off easily!


Cut scrapbook paper to fit the front of your wood pieces.  I cut mine 2 3/4”  by 3 3/4” to give it a little border of wood around the edge.  The trick is also finding the right scrapbook paper.  You want something that is going to look the same on all of the wood.  The boys I chose polka dots, and for the girls I gave them birdies. 


Repeat the same technique for the pictures with the scrapbook paper.  Once everything has dried overnight, take them outside and spray them with the Acrylic Sealer.  Do this on newspaper on the grass.  Beware:  It Stinks!!!  I had Chris do it, because I didn’t want to be breathing it in while I’m preggo.  I had him put on a very thick coat.  Allow it to dry and then flip them over.  This will keep the Mod Podge from sticking together.


Taa- Daa!!  You made your very own homemade Memory Game!  If you didn’t want to make it this complicated, you could do the same exact thing with pictures, cardstock, and laminate them.  They would last a long time that way too! 


Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

I am totally doing this! What a fabulous idea! However, we arent nearly as handy with wooden pieces so I'll have to see if I can purchase some! Great idea! PS Congrats on baby number 3! Sorry I've been absent. I forgot to add this blog to my reader! I feel so behind!

laura said...

this is awesome. awesome. i must do this. a great gift idea too! i'm already thinking about who i could get to cut the wood for me? i wonder if you can sucker someone at michael's to do it...way to go, crafty mama!

Lindsay said...

You know I love it!! We have been playing everyday since the party!!

Colleen said...

this is such a great idea Clare. Love it. I have used wax paper when using modge podge - it works well not to stick so much.