Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Zero for Two in 2011

We have been hit again at our house. Ughh the nasty stomach bug that seems to be sweeping through the area.  Both January and February have not be good to us in the sickness front.  We have had two rounds of stomach bugs, nasty colds, and just felt bad.  I am so ready for spring, opening the windows, and saying good bye to all of these nasty germs.   Luckily, before our middle of the night sickness session we did have a wonderful weekend with friends. 

First we went to see this on Saturday…


The game wasn’t too exciting.  You can tell because this is what Bradley and Jonas did for 80% of the game.  Watch movies on the iphone, that and eat popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and skittles.  You know the essentials. 



Then Sunday morning we rounded up the troops and headed over to King Family Vineyard.  It is a gorgeous winery that almost backs up to our neighborhood.  My good friend Karen is getting married there this June.  She was excited to show us the room, taste some wine, and just enjoy the beautiful day. 



Ellie took it all in from her stroller.




The boys ran around with the soccer ball, and threw the football back and forth.  It was such a great day!


Poor Jonas was suffering from hives, but he was in a really great mood despite his itchiness.  Bradley and Jonas hadn’t met before, and they hit is off immediately!

I think that we are all feeling better, but please let this be the last round of yuckiness for us!!  fingers crossed!!

In fun news, two more of my crafts made it onto craftgawker.  Click the link to see my gallery!!

my craftgawker gallery



amanda said...

so sorry about all the sickness! here's hoping march is very healthy :)

Lindsay said...

Glad Bradley is feeling better today! I hope Ellie doesn't get it! What a fun weekend!

Colleen said...

Oh no!! Hopefully it passes quickly.

Yay!! going to check it out now.

noreen said...

Hi Clare, I saw your comment on Lindsay's blog - Bytes of Memory and wanted to say how much I loved your profile picture! Is that your baby? Your photos on your weekend post are great too. I'm still brand new in learning how to put photos on my blog... I can tell I need much improvement.

Hope the germ bugs leave your house and everyone stays healthy!