Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tweet, Tweet This Week


We have been busy, busy over here.  Four days without Daddy were rough, but we made it through.  With a little help from Gigi and Pop Pop!!

Saturday I was the fill-in “coach” for tball.  This is completely a laughing matter, considering I spent my entire life at the ballet studio or with a  cheerleading uniform on.  I passed on the directions to the Dads, and they took over practice.  It was a good thing, because Bradley spent the first 15 minutes crying because he didn’t like the way the batting helmet felt on his ears.  *sigh*  Then he turned it around after a “meeting” in the car.

I am up to my eyeballs in birthday projects that I am quickly trying to get done.  Little Ellie’s house is a mere hours away from being finished.  I am hoping it gets completed in the next night or two.


I am taking the second part of the photography course.  It is intense.  We are working on “cool” blur this week.  When you blur your subject to show action and movement.  99% of my pictures just look plain blurry.  I am feeling like this isn’t my thing.  For example….


jumping blur….


I thought this one was cool with Larken in focus, but Bradley’s head looks seriously weird?!  These were really the only two OK pics, and I took probably 100.

Then there is zoom blur, when you blur a subject while zooming in on them….looks crazy if you ask me….



Of course there is just stopping motion.  I love this one, with Ellie watching the big kids.




I really love this one, just pretend I didn’t cut of Bradley’s fingers.  See, this is what I mean about 99% of them just turning out bad.  Practice, practice!!

It was also tough to get practice time in when you are the solo mama for days on end.  I have so much appreciation for hubbies that travel out of town.  How do you do it??

My Mom retired this month, and her office just had a retirement luncheon for her today.  It was really nice, and they even made a video for her.  Congrats Mom!

Oh, and by the way, Ellie is going to be ONE next week.  In 10 days. I can’t get over it.  It just seems unreal. 



Colleen said...

You are busy girl! Can't wait to see the party prep. I am sure it will all be adorable!

Andi said...

Clare, I can't believe you have a 1 year old, a 4 year old, a home, a zillion projects AND you are taking photography classes! I would love to take some photography classes, but it's going to have to wait quite a long while until the kids are older (what a shame).
My question (besides HOW DO YOU DO IT?!) is how do you do stop-motion??? I cannot figure it out. Mine are usually just blurry, although sometimes I do get good ones too! :)
BTW, love keeping up with you on here!

Lindsay said...

hehe your softball loving sister is cracking up picturing you running tball practice!! Love that picture of Ellie watching the big kids jump!!

aimee said...

You officially earned the following MomScout badges: holding down the fort while dad's away, coaching Tball, handling a mini-breakdown, making time for your own hobby, and creating homemade birthday presents. Whew!

Speaking of homemade birthdays, I'm now obsessed with working on Finn's party. Check out these blogs for some crafty inspiration:
how about orange

I totally want Justin to make that homemade water table!

amanda said...

daddy being gone? ugh. i so get it.

but one?? one!! just not possible!!

laura said...

our daddy has been gone for most of this week too. it doesn't happen often, but man...i give mad props to mom's whose daddys travel regularly. uh! i am so looking forward to our homecoming tomorrow!

ONE! ONE! ONE! can you believe it?! i've had so many people ask how old benjamin is this week while we've been out and about and it about kills me to say "actually, he just turned 1!" sniff, sniff.

the flower photo - man! that is awesome!!! love all the action shots. such a neat class you are taking!

Nicole said...

The action blur is so difficult for me! I love your jump shots! I just started Theme Thursday and the theme was JUMP! Too funny. That last one is great. I tend to miss heads when they jump!

Krystyn said...

Daddy gone? No fun.

Blurring motion? Totally can't do it.

Stopping motion? Not enough light in our house.