Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 365 {Happy Heart Day}

Continuing to take this project one day at a time...this week I did great, Valentine’s week, I missed a few. 

Still I want to keep on with the project.  It is the only way I will get better with my photography.  I can already see such a noticeable difference from the beginning of the year.  I am now shooting completely in manual.  Which my mom loves to inform me that is the way everyone used to do it.  For me, there is a lot of learning, a lot of under or over exposed photos.  Thank God for digital. 

There are also the memories.  Looking back on our year through photos will really be fun.  I am glad I am taking pictures of the little moments too.  This project makes them just as relevant as the big things.  “Cheers” to completing two months of Project 365!!

60/365 My boy
3/1/11  Little hands at the playground….someone is feeling better!

59/365 Not again
2/28/11  Sick baby complete with “the bowl.”

58/365 King Family
2/27/11  Karen and Scott, King Family Vineyard

57/365 iphones

2/26/11  This is how Bradley watches college basketball.

56/365  Ellie’s Favorite Toy

2/25/11  We love the webbles, wobbles, but they don’t fall down, go webbles, go webbles.  I need help!

55/365 Knitted Cuteness
DSC_0188 - Copy
2/24/11  She is finally done!  The knitted doll for sweet Ellie’s birthday.

54/365 Swimming Lessons

2/23/11  The amazing aquatic center where Bradley is taking swim lessons.  Parents are banished to the upper level.  Unfortunately that means this is the closest picture I could get!
53/365 Spring
2/22/11  We are ready for spring.  This is my medium tone picture for photography class.

365 week 7
45/365  Happy Heart Day—Hanging hearts for the little man & Valentine’s Roses from the big man 2/14/11
46/365  Head Wear—Ellie in her new blue headband from Aunt Kim, via New Orleans trip, love it!! 2/15/11
47/365  Stop Light—Bradley made a stop light out of the roses box for his plasma car.  2/16/11
48/365—Beautiful days, bring it on spring. 2/17/11
52/365—Ellie in her legwarmers and bow.  2/21/11


Colleen said...

I love Ellie's headbands! congrats on completing two months. I always love seeing your photos.

Lindsay said...

I love your picture for photography class :-) That picture of Ellie with the webbles is adorable :-)

amanda said...

dude your swimming pool looks amazing!!!

Melissa said...

that is too funny that parents are "banned" from the lower levels of the pool. I hope your family is feeling better!