Thursday, March 31, 2011

Naptime is Craftime {Home Sweet Home for Ellie}


Hey sweet lady!!  Right now you are just getting your four top teeth.  I know that you would much rather chew on things like rattles, socks, and mommy’s yoga pants.  Maybe this little Home Away from Home will make it better??



See you can go right inside, right through your little heart door.  This project only took mama 30 sewing hours, 5 cursing hours, and 3 cutting hours.  Not that I was counting.  Nothing would make me regret starting this hell of a project I mean easy little project for your little sweet face…


Maybe you want to send me some letters about how bad your little gums are killin’ ya??



See, they even have heart stamps.  Sent with love right??

Or maybe you just want to pick some fruit from the orange/apple/pear/lemon tree I made for you?  Our little tree grows anything we want it to!  How did I make all of that fruit?  Only eight little sewing steps in each little piece.  No biggie.


First you just…

1. trace shape onto wonder under

2.cut out around the line

3. iron on to all of the different colors of felt

4. cut out the felt on traced line

5. sew velcro to a matching color of felt

6. iron on fruit to velcro felt piece

7. cut out shape again

8. sew around both pieces of felt

repeat for all piece of fruit, don’t forget to sew on stem and leaf to apples and oranges too!



Or maybe you want to peak out of the curtains and wave hello?



You could also water your plants and flowers?  The little watering can comes off for you to play with!




OK, so you just want to sit by the basket and chew everything in sight.  I get it.  I don’t know who I am more proud of.  You for turning one, and do all kinds of grown up things like get four teeth at once.  Or me for finishing this crazy task I decided would be “fun” for your first birthday.  This from the lady that turned on a sewing machine for the first time last November.

I just know it is worth it.  I get to see you follow your brother inside and talk to him in your little house.  I hope you love in the years to come little Ellie.


your tired of sewing,

happy and content,



Colleen said...

OMG Clare - that is adorable!!! You did such a great job. This looks like something out of Pottery Barn Kids. love it!

amy said...

CLARE! I cannot believe you made that - it's amazing! And Ellie could not possibly be more adorable. :)

Jodee said...

That turned out soooo cute! You are such a talented mama!

Lindsay said...

First off.. I love it.. loved it when I saw it in person and love it even more now that I can see some of the details without being "locked up and put in jail" (what the big kids used it for at Ellie's party).

Second off do you totally hate me for showing you this project.. ?

Jennifer said...

So are you trying to tell us you are selling these now? HA! It's amazing!

eas said...

This house is amazing!! I can't decide what I love more-the curtains or the tree...

Everytime I get into a lengthy project I ask myself why didn't I just go buy something? But the answer is love for our children and knowing the joy they'll get out of our efforts.

Jenny said...

wow! clare it is amazing and i can see why some cursing hours were thrown in there, but way to go. your crafting skills are totally impressive!

Brian and Emily DeLuca said...

This came out so amazing! Excellent work! Can you tell me more about wonder under? I heard you mention it in regard to her birthday shirt, and I'm going to try to make one for Nick. I was just going to applique the number 2 to the shirt, what does wonder under do?

aimee said...

Wow-zers! It's amazing!

amanda said...

that is all sorts of crazy awesome!!

laura said...

like seriously.
there are even puppy dogs.
this is insane.
all sorts of insane awesome.

can i commission one in blue?! ;)

K said...

I’m sure you already know this but you are phenomenal...seriously amazing nope not amazing better than amazing. You are a crafting have literally dethroned Martha Stewart.

In complete and utter awe of your talent,

noreen said...

Hi Clare, your crafty talent is amazing! And you said you're new at using the sewing machine? You must be a natural! Your daughter is aodrable as well. I found y our link through Lindsay's post.