Friday, March 4, 2011

The House Tour

Ok, maybe this isn’t the kind of tour you were envisioning.  But, I went around the house the other day and gathered up some shots that sums up our sweet life right now.  My next project, is a day in the life of Ellie and I.  I just want to remember all of these little moments together. 

If you stumbled into our house you would see….



definitely a large heap of stuff if we had just walked in the door.  This is usually the case…flats, coats, diaper bag, dry cleaning.  It looks like this until children have been fed, taken care of, or are asleep.  Then I slowly make my way around the house picking everything up.


you would also see this little muffin sitting in front of her favorite basket. just letting the morning light shine on her, and exploring each and everything she can get her little fingers on. it was all cleaned up and put away minutes before...


she found her favorite grocery bag



i love this one, babies in the morning...


if bradley was home, i am sure his beloved plasma car would be out. if you don't own a plasma car. you should! they are the best scooters around. and they are about $45 from amazon!  if the plasma car was out, then I am sure that Spiderman was riding along too! 


it looks like batman has finally met his match, and was defeated by Spiderman


and of course the tractor came out for a ride!



After Bradley starts riding, we always have to get ellie on her mouse for a turn too!!

I took this pictures over the course of a day, and they just make me smile.  My house may be cluttered, and a bit messy at times.  But it is home.  My kids play and laugh and definitely play here! 

Give us a peak at your home!



Colleen said...

Oh my goodness Clare, if you saw my house right now you would die. Especially the family room which is covered in Barbies, cars, outgrown clothes I was sorting and everything else!!! I'll get to it later.

Right now I am trying to get some work done and Emily is standing behind me brushing my hair.

Quite the scene!!! have a nice weekend!!

eas said...

this is a great post! our house looks similiar! toys have invaded every corner! love every minute of it.

amanda said...

i love reality :)

happy weekend!

Lindsay said...

Did you ever think you could let things sit for a few hours before getting to them? I never thought you could ;-) It's okay you come by your OCD behavior naturally ;-) XOXOXO Right now it looks like our toy cabinet threw up all over the floor.. It will stay that way until after naptime :-) Then we will pick up some! Have a great weekend!

Krystyn said...

You managed to make the mundane and ordinary not so at all.

laura said...

just keepin' it real! love that!

aimee said...

Love it! Our house looks very similar (maybe a little worse).