Monday, February 7, 2011

Tutorial {Rod Pocket Curtains with Liner: Part Two}

Yess!! I finished them Friday night, and I think they look awesome if I do say so myself!! 

If you are feeling confused please read the Tutorial Part One here.

So we left the last tutorial with our curtain lining sewn in, and our curtains turned right side out.

Measure, Iron, and Pin the Edges Lengthwise

Take the longest edges and fold them over one inch the entire length of your curtain.  You will need to use your ruler and an iron to make sure that you are keeping your edge even. 


Your curtains will look like this before they go through the sewing machine:


Now sew the entire length of your curtain.  Just a little bit more and you are finished!!


Measure, Iron, and Pin the Rod Pockets

Now that the length of your curtain is finished, you are ready to sew the rod pockets.  Find the top of your fabric.  It should be the end with the raw edge of liner.  The hemmed edge of liner is at the bottom.  Fold the top over one inch and iron flat.  This will ensure that you have an even edge.


I made my rod pockets three inches long.  I knew that this would fit through my curtain rod.  You will need to adjust this size depending on your curtain rod, larger or smaller.  I set the ruler to 3 inches and ironed the edge and pinned the fabric down.  There shouldn’t be any more raw fabric showing.  Raw means a frayed edge of fabric.  My raw edge of lining is tucked under the rod pocket, and my raw edge of the curtain is now tucked inside the rod pocket.  Very professional!!



tip!!  Make sure that you are extremely precise with the rod pocket measurements and sewing.  If you don’t sew this part evenly then one curtain could be longer or shorter.  The other issue for me was using the floral print.  I wanted to be sure that my curtain pattern was lining up.  After I had the rod pocket pinned, I would lay it on top of my first finished curtain.  I could lay them on top of each other and the flowers would match exactly.  I knew when they were hung up that all of the patterns would be identical from window to window. 

Sew the Rod Pocket

When I sewed the rod pocket I would backstitch the edges to make sure they were really strong.  This part of the curtain is supporting all of the fabric weight.

Measure, Iron, and Pin the Hem

Repeat the above steps for the rod pocket for your hem.  I used smaller measurements.  I folded under one inch, ironed, and then two inches for the hem.  I read about doing a blind stich and all sorts of other hem stitches.  In the end I just sewed them the normal way….did I mention I am totally new at this???  The curtains are so busy anyway, and no one is going to be looking closely at the hems.  I just tried to keep it as simple as possible.


Iron Them ONE more time!!

I know it seems like a lot of ironing, but I ironed my curtains one more time before I hung them up.  They were laying on the couch and went through the sewing machine.  I wanted everything pressed and fresh before I hung them up.

Taaaa Daaaa….The finished product!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I really couldn’t be happier.  And I am just proud I did it myself. 








I hope this helps you!!  It was a fun process! 

The first curtain was a little worrisome, but then I got in the groove.  They took me less than one week start to finish.  That includes two days off to clean the house, and of course taking care of the kiddos.  I mainly worked on them during naps and at night time. 

Good luck!!!


Lindsay said...

Great job sis!! I love the fabric they look so bright!

Jodee said...

I am drooling! Those turned out fabulous! You did a great job!

Colleen said...

You should be proud - those came out awesome!!! Love them.

Jenny said...

Amazing Clare! They are beautiful...totally envious of your craftiness!

aimee said...

Love 'em! Awesome job!

Annmarie said...

Clare you should be so proud of yourself!! Beautiful, Beautiful job!

laura said...

OMG! this is amazing!!!!!

Niki said...

These curtains are Gorgeous!!! Your tutorial is going to be soooo helpful with my own curtain project!!!

Melissa Lewis - Midwest Magnolia said...

Really great job! I am just now beginning to sew and love when I finish a project and it looks good!

M said...

What did you use as your lining fabric? I want to try this but don't know what to use. It is a blackout liner?

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for posting such a thorough tutorial. You got me through it and now I've done four lined panels of my own. I'm happy to see how similar to yours they came out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful I'm inspired. Thanks for the clear and concise tutorial.