Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 365 {The Slacker Week}


I was doing so good with my 365 project, and then the kiddos got sick, and I was sick.  I am determined to keep it up and try to pull my camera out every day.  These past two weeks have some missing days, but I think I got some great pics too!  

My favorite pic from last week is our little friend Jack blowing out his birthday cake…amazing shot!

This week would have to be Ellie’s little photo shoot for her birthday party invites.  I could just eat her up!

44/365  Her First Ride with Big Bro


2/13/11  We have had a little break in the weather here.  So we took the kids over to the common area for a ride in the jeep.  Ellie got to ride for the first time, and I think big brother felt extremely proud.

43/365 Scooting Around


2/12/11  Some weekend fun.  Scooting around the house with big brother.  Bradley seems to come up with ways to include Ellie in his play.  This is my favorite one so far, except for Sunday night when she fell off.  Guess we need to work on keeping her on the scooter!

42/365 Tutu Much


2/11/11  Ellie and I had a little photo shoot on Friday morning for her birthday.  Let the countdown begin, she will be one in just a few weeks!

41/365 Birdie Wreath



40/365 Pick Me Up


2/9/11  Learning to crawl before nap time is hard work.


39/365 Eyelashes


2/8/11  Baby boys eyelashes.  Enough said.


37/365  Bath Time


2/7/11  Bath time in our house.  It doesn’t get much cuter than this…



36/365 Higher Daddy


2/6/11  A beautiful day in the beginning of February.  A perfect excuse to swing.


35/365 Turning 4


2/5/11  Jack and Gigi’s fourth birthday party



2/4/11  I finished my curtains friday night.  I know this picture is cheating, but I had to remember the moment!!



32/365  Ellie vs. Spiderman


2/2/11  Ellie and Spiderman meet for the first time.  I don’t think he likes her.

This week I will do better!!  I promise!!


Colleen said...

Great pics - the one of E and B together on the little jeep is adorable.

Lindsay said...

What wonderful pictures!! You are getting better and better.. how much do you charge for a family shoot ;-)

amanda said...

looks like you guys have been busy! all the crafting, the playing outside, the birthday shoot!! pretty sure you are far from a slacker!!

Jenny said...

2nd that on the slacker part. you guys have been very busy!

love ellie in her cute!

eyelash pic of bradley, also a keeper!

Jenny said...
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laura said...

i can't decide which one i like more...bradley taking ellie for a ride in his 4-wheeler...or bradley taking ellie for a ride in his scooter thing (what is that?!). isn't it so fun to watch them play together?!