Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Something for Everyone


The dog bit is now healing, and life continues as normal.  I am out of my Sunday funk, and knee deep in running around for the week.

On Monday we started swim lessons twice a week for four weeks.  I really want Bradley to feel super confident in the water when the pool opens.  The first lesson was a bit dicey, but we got through it.  There were some tears, but after a pep talk, he recovered and I think really enjoyed it.  It is amazing how hectic adding an activity two nights a week can make your life.  I have been prepping dinner before we leave, and trying to make sure we still eat early once we get home.  Ellie would prefer dinner was served at 5pm…it just isn’t going to happen most nights!  Pictures coming soon…

I finally got my act together and made some blog badges.  What do you think?  Grab them up on the side if you would like!  I am going to make a special “naptime is craftime” one too!  The first one is 150 px by 150, and the second is 250 by 250!


small crib badge


<textarea cols=”15″ rows=”4″ wrap=”virtual”><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Naptime Novels" /></a></textarea>


white badge

<textarea cols=”15″ rows=”4″ wrap=”virtual”><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" /></a></textarea>


Speaking of Naptime is Craftime, It is Tomorrow!!  I know I have seen a few great bloggy posts about wreaths, and creative birthday parties, are you going to link up?  I will be sharing my knitted doll for Ellie’s first birthday.  She is finally done, and the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Here is my other little project for the week, Photography class tonight….

Photography Class vs. Amateur Photographer vs. Aperture






Wide Open Aperture above (f 1.8), Higher fstop below (f 6.3)….



Then capturing two people in focus (f 5.6)...



Link up tomorrow to show off your crafty goodiness!!


Lindsay said...

ohh love the pictures! Glad the arm is healing up! Yay Bradley for pulling it together after a pep talk.. did you tell him to push off hard, swim well and don't DQ? XOXO I made some pants for Sammy yesterday.. I will try and get my act together to post about them tomorrow :-P I also finished a little something that I can share a picture of but no details.. hehehe but you already know what it is!

Colleen said...

Glad your arm is doing ok. Love your pics and of course your little model is the best!

Hmmm, maybe I'll link up my little guy's b-day party.

Jenny said...

Awesome pictures Clare! Glad the dog bite has healed!

Melissa said...

what gorgeous kids! and I LOVE those leg warmers!

laura said...

whoa - dog bite?! i'm behind...i need to keep reading.

and, um, the pictures?! amateur photographer 1, photography class 0! you rocked your aperture assignment! beautiful pictures, friend!

aimee said...

Fabulous photos. Glad you're healing up!