Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tweet, Tweet

I don't tweet (like i need something else to be addicted to!), but if I did, it might include things like this...

we are sick over here, again, yes, you read that right.  colds.  nasty, yucky, snotty, up at night, coughing, vicks vaporizing colds.  it stinks. and ellie seems to always get it the worst. 

i started to fulfill one of my resolutions.  i signed up for a photography class with the community college.  the first class is tonight, and it is canceled because we have snow coming. booo!

after my
recipe box post, aimee commented about jessica Seinfeld, and i pulled this out.  and made these....

yummmmm, and yes they have a whole can of chickpeas in them, and yes they are delicious!! she is good!

i am writing this with Windows Live Writer.  Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner??  awesome!!

i love grapes.  i wash them when i get home and pile them up in a large bowl and eat them by the handful.


someone is turning one soon, and i have started planning the party.  here is a clue:


tomorrow i am going to post about burlap wreaths. are you going to join me?  what are you working on?

speaking of wreaths and tweets.  i made these yesterday. 

i found the pattern here. and they whipped up quick.  i am going to hang them somehow in ellie's room.  not quite sure how it will come together.  it will be another craftime post i'm sure.

bradley signed up for tball yesterday.  really?  how is he old enough to play a sport?  somehow he is, and that makes me happy and sad all rolled up into one.  he was over the moon excited about it.  i hope it continues!
bradley with his hand in the cookie jar…

i have an enormous amount of picture organizing to do.  all of my pictures came in from the last six months.  i need to sit down and put them in albums.  decide which ones will go in the baby book.  and pick special ones for ellie's photography album. 

i need to have a 'first birthday' photo shoot with the little one, but first she need to stop having snot continuously drip from her nose.

don't you hate it when babies sneeze on you with a mouth full or pureed food?  what is that about? 

well, this was fun tweeting in my blog! 


Lindsay said...

hehe loved your tweet post! Kinda gagged about the pureed food! Love that picture of Bradley... and tball how fun!! Aunt Lindsay is so proud!

Colleen said...

boo for the sickies (and for your cancelled class)!!! Seems like every other week in our house one or both kids are sick.

I am so with you on the photo organization. It's on the list and I am hoping to get to it soon. I have two scrapbooks completed for Emily and Colin's is started (I think I got up to the ultrasounds so clearly started in the true sense!). Wouldn't you know the little bugger asked me last week "where's mine?". Stab me in the heart!!!! Guess I should get on that.

Katie said...

So, I've had Live Writer in my back pocket for a while, but never did really figure it out...I'm not sure how it makes things any easier. Please clue me in!!
Hope you all are on the mend soon!

aimee said...

Yay for Jessica Seinfeld! Love the birdies. Can't wait to hear about the bday plans! Sorry that your class was cancelled. I want to go with you! Speaking of photography, do you use editing software? I popped over to I Heart Faces and saw the amazing things people are doing with Fix It Fridays editing challenges. I wanna learn! Not sure which software to get.

amanda said...

love the tweets. and love the birds. and now i need those cookies!

laura said...

* so sorry ya'll are sick...yuck!

* yay on the photography class...sorry for snow! i've got a semi-private one in the works with a friend and a professional photographer for sometime in february. i am so excited!

* i need to pull out that book. i always buy new cookbooks and then they sit on the shelf, while i stick with old reliables. i've heard such great things though! maybe now that ben is eating more than sydney...

* windows live writer? do tell? does it support macs?

* i haven't bought grapes for weeks. ours are looking pretty busted down here lately. we're big time into blackberries. syd ate an entire carton in 24 hours.

* can you believe we are planning birthday parties?!?!?!? where did the year go? i was just on etsy last night ordering ben's birthday longall and a matching dress for syd!

* um, those birds are adorable! you are so talented!

* t-ball? t-ball?! so cute!

* i need to figure out a better way to organize my pics. i am overwhelmed. plus, they are on two computers, which is a pain. where have you been printing yours? i've been a bit disappointed with the iphoto lab.

* we did a birthday shoot, sort-of, this weekend. i needed a pic for the invitation. he was sort of cooperating. i trapped him in the bumbo...otherwise he was all over the place.

* um, i have 3 white/cream sweaters sitting in the laundry pile right now with carrots sneezed down the front. yuck.

* now that's one heckuva tweet-filled comment! happy days to you and your brood!!

Christy said...

Grapes are like my FAVORITE food. And I love chickpeas, so that cookie recipe would surely be hit in my house.