Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Much of Life


This is a post about nothing and everything, and just life in general.  Each thing doesn't really make up a story, but all together it is just our life.  And I love it.

We have been sick here this week.  Not just a stuffy nose, like throw up, spit up, poop it up sick.  It has been fun.  Life with little ones is not always so glamorous.  I have actually had to throw away some of Ellie's clothes because I either:

a. couldn't get them to come clean  OR

b. more than likely was gagging while trying to clean them and decided that the trash can was a better solution.  

fun stuff!

So today we were all better, and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, or at least from the car.  I was ready to leave the house, like yesterday.

Bundled up in coats, gloves, hats, extra sweaters, we marched to the downtown mall to hit up the discovery museum.  After two hours, I was ready to be home.  Run in the house and grab the biggest blanket you can find and snuggle up with your kids home.  It is COLD out there.  Not quite sure what I was thinking today, stir crazy I guess.

While we were home we did some of this...


We went to Target yesterday to get some Valentine's Day Supplies.  Of course you have to make your Valentine's while wearing your Christmas pajamas!  There is going to a revolt around here when they get to small!



In our spare time we made some puzzles, took them apart and made them again, rinse and repeat...


Lately, when I get Ellie up from her nap, she looks like this in her crib...


watch out world! 

I have all of these beautiful containers that were filled with glittery candles, cinnamon pine cones, and other fun Christmas stuff.  They have been sitting on my dining room table since Christmas waiting to be filled up... any suggestions?


In other REALLY big news, I finished this guy last weekend....


Isn't he amazing?  I got the pattern from this great book.  It is right on the cover.  I changed the yarn colors to my liking and he turned out great! I especially think he looks adorable hanging out of baskets!  Bradley is obsessed with him and carries him everywhere, even to bed.  I don't think he will replace the beloved Hershey dog, but he is ranked pretty high.



Dreaming of Summer!!!  Also while I was at Target I picked up this adorable swimsuit.  They already had them hanging up.  This is 18 months and I think it will be too small for the summer time.  Back to Target we will venture, well maybe after I warm up!


I also just got Lightroom 3 on my computer.  Wow, what a learning curve!  It took me a while just to figure out how to save pictures to my hard drive.  I am excited about the possibilities though!


aimee said...

Love the snake! You're quite the knitter and to think you just learned this year. I need to come take some lessons from you. Two ideas for the glass containers. Do you save wine corks? We always write the date, the event (dinner with the neighbors, New Year's Eve, etc.), and the names of those who drank the bottle with us (usually, I pass the cork around and have each person write his or her own name). Then we store the corks in glass containers, which are on our dining room table. Another idea is to collect stones from places you go. Similar to the cork idea, you can write the date and the place on the cork.

Colleen said...

Sorry to hear about the sickies in your house but I had to laugh at the thought of throwing the stuff out!! Too funny.

Love the valentine card making! Adorable!

And, how freaking adorable is Ellie and her sweet rolls!!!!!!!!! love her!

Jentifur said...

You are the cutest Mom! All those crafts. So fun. Try fruit or wine corks in the containers. Or I always have a candy dish in my house. :)

Lindsay said...

oo my word I love that bathing suit!! Ellie is too stinking adorable and look at her up on her hands and knees!! Big girl! Love the mailboxes glad you were able to get some of those cute valentine's crafts! XOXO See you tomorrow!

Krystyn said...

Yay for feeling better and getting out! And, craft time, too.

That snake is precious.

And, that cute. (BTW, is it Circo...they run way small in my opinion.)

Sallie said...

I second the wine corks, but also, what about little red candy hearts? Love the snake!

amy said...

How about conversation hearts in your containers? That snake is so cute and Ellie is ADORABLE!

amanda said...

loving the swimsuit!! serious cuteness!!

and i just filled up some of our glass jars/containers with conversation hearts...going to grab some little red hots too next time i am out :)

happy weekend!