Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 365 {Project Overload}

So I don’t mean to complain, but I am going to complain.  We are sick.  We have actually be sick since the beginning of January.  First the stomach bug hit the entire house and now...we are  sick with colds.  Sick with fevers.  Sick with snot from here to there, and everywhere in between.  Sick with a baby who just isn’t happy.  Who can’t sleep and doesn’t want to eat.  She is pitiful.  And now her big brother is sick.  Sick with the snot and the fever and the general unhappiness with the world.  

We hung around the house last week.  We had friends over to play, because all Ellie wanted to do was sleep.  We played by the kitchen.  We played in the basement.  We played in our rooms.  We walked around the house.  Now Bradley was home from school today and we are home again.  This mama is going a bit stir crazy.  Good thing I have 1,000 projects to keep me busy.  See example 24/365… 
24/365 Project Overload 
1/24/11  I stocked up on all of my supplies to finish my projects for Ellie's birthday party and gifts.  Felt, tulle, gingham.  We are all set!

25/365 Tweet, Tweet.
1/25/11 tweet birds. i love them, and now they are up in ellie's room! can't wait to share them with you!

26/365 Cookies
1/26/11 Homemade chocolate chip cookies. nuff said!

27/365  Burlap Wreath 
1/27/11  My wintry burlap wreath for the front door.  I love it!
28/365   Shoe Shelf
1/28/11  I have a little shelf in the cubby room for hats and such.  I started putting Bradley’s shoes up there, but soon they don’t fit!  I wanted to remember this little shelf with baby shoes.  Someday here little feet will be too big!

29/365  Heart
1/30/11  Ok, so I am fudging a little bit.  I took this picture on Sunday night at our friend’s house for dinner.  Brandi is such a wonderful friend, and she made these adorable Valentine’s cakes for us for dessert.  I snapped this picture of Grey getting ready to dig into his vday cake. 

30/365  Heart Cakes
1/30/11  Our Heart Cakes.  Thanks Brandi!

31/365  Target Run
1/31/11  What do you do when your children are sick?  You drag them to Target of course!  Must have birthday gifts and play doh for Valentine’s Day!


Colleen said...

Ugh, sorry you guys are still sick over there. BTW, I am always up for a Target run - sick kids or not!

Lindsay said...

ughh I am so with you on this stupid winter and being so sick! I sure hope miss Ellie feels better soon! Tim is home from work.. sleeping.. I think he has the flu (thank goodness Sammy and I got our flu shots!) Can't wait to see all of the stuff you make! Tell Brandi those cakes look awesome!

Ang said...

We can't seem to shake being sick over here either! RSV, ear infections, bronchitis, new teeth, and a couple basic colds have made 2011 a little rough this year. I have gotten really good at giving medicine with a syringe though! Wishing you wellness!

Krystyn said...

I'm so far behind!

Your curtains look AWESOME! So wish I could do that.

Here's to feeling healthy ASAP.

And, finishing crafts and projects...and yummy cake, too.