Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365 {Lucky Number Three}

How lucky to keep one friend for life?  I consider myself blessed to have spent Saturday with some of the most amazing lifelong friends.  It was a bit of a babyfest, reunion, celebration, wine drinking good time.  Saturday we went to northern, va to see some of the girls.  Steph was down from Rhode Island with her baby Andre.  I got to meet him, and Lori's new baby Anna.
Long story short.  High school friends join sorority.  High school friends meet up with Lori in the sorority.  I still remember meeting Lori at rush with tulips on her name tag.  What was that, almost 10 years ago...yikes!  Anyway, three girls stay friends, get married, and we all have babies within two weeks of each other!!  More to come on our visit later, for now Project 365, week 3!!   

23/365  Motherhood
1/23/11  Ok, so I am fudging this whole 365 thing for this weekend.  But we spent a good part of the 23rd in the car driving home.  Not many exciting pictures there.  So I thought I would share a favorite photo from Saturday's babyfest.  Lori and Anna.  Love this one. 

22/365 Forever Friends

1/22/11 Three sorority sisters.  Three college roommates.  Three girls living on the same floor of the KD house.  Three babies all within two weeks of each other.  Love these girls!!

21/365  On the Move


1/21/365 Ellie has started scooting...this little girl isn't in a hurry to get many places. She is mostly content to just be around us and her big brother. But she has recently developed a new talent for scooting, backwards that is. She spent a good part of one morning scooting around the hardwood floor to get to Bradley's truck.

20/365  Zucchini Bread
1/20/11  Warm zucchini bread straight out of the oven.

19/365 The Needle Lady
1/19/11  Photo shoot at the needle lady.  So much inspiration!

18/365  Baby Haven
1/18/11  A playdate with our favorite friends, and a sweet baby named Haven!

17/365   TuTu Much
1/17/11  A Monday home from school calls for a trip to the pool. 


Ang said...

The three babies all within two weeks of each other is almost bizzaro! It's weird how things happen like that! :)

Lindsay said...

oohh my word that picture of you three ladies and your cute babies melts my heart! love it!

amanda said...

happy week #3!! great shots and great memories!