Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365 {The First Week}

I made it through the first week of project 365.  I am loving it!!!  Here is a look back at our first week of January....

9/365  Homemade Light Table
1/9/11  I saw this idea in a parenting magazine, and couldn't resist.  This little boy loves to color, more than anything in the world!  He has filled up an entire three ring binder with coloring pages!

8/365 Big Brother
1/8/11  Ellie was sick this weekend, and we spent a lot of time at home.  She was so fussy and Bradley patiently pushed her around the basement. 

7/365 My First Cable Knit
1/7/11  I finally started a project just for myself.  A cable knit scarf in chunky gray yarn.  love.

6/365 Big Girl Shoes
1/6/11  I am in love with Zulilly.  A pair of big girl shoes just came in the mail, and I felt they warranted a photo. 

5/365 Knit Hat
1/5/11  I love a baby in a knit winter hat.  Cutest thing ever.

4/365 Painting
1/4/11  Painting his masterpiece while baby sister sleeps...I love mornings spent at home.

3/365 Getting Organized

1/3/11 The first Monday after the holiday.  Bradley's at school, Ellie's napping, and I am organizing. Birthdays, to-dos, doctor's appointments.  Bring it on 2011!

2/365 Knit it Up
1/2/11 My unfinished project, the snake.  This sweet little stripped snake was supposed to be under the Christmas tree.  But, unfortunately lots of other Christmas projects took over, and he is unfinished.  Craft Goal #1 for 2011, FINISH THE SNAKE!!

1/365 Cheers Sweet Babe!

1/1/11  Sweet Daniel on New Years Day!  Our best buds, Mike and Talayeh gave birth to sweet Daniel six months ago.  He was with us on New Years, and we finally got to give him some love.  Cheers to 365!!


Colleen said...

Ok seriously the shoes are adorable!! That scarf is going to be nice too!!!

laura said...

awesome! i'm doing this too! thanks for motivating me to get it posted today!

love the show of ellie's big girl shoes!!!

Theresa said...

I am visiting from your sister's blog & LOVE that you are doing 365! I did it in 2009, and doing it again this year, I made mine into a book & treasure it dearly.. it is definitely going to be fun to look back on. :)

aimee said...

I took you up on your challenge and am doing it too with you! Love your first week!

Jenny said...

Love those shoes! I want them for myself Ellie!

Great pics Clare!

So what cleanse are you doing, I saw on Lindsay's blog?

amanda said...

great first week!!

and your very own light box?? awesome!!

Lindsay said...

OOO I love so many of these pictures! Those shoes are adorable! Is the scarf hard? Can you teach me? My favorite picture is the one of Bradley pushing Ellie around in the dump truck! Sammy told me yesterday he wants a little sister like Bradley ;-)