Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas Little Ones!

Christmas morning was magical.  Two kiddos. Two little sets of gingerbread striped PJs ripping paper, flashing about, and waving little hands around the room.  Bradley was a present opening machine and Ellie was smiley and drooly and happiness all rolled up into one.  Chris and I were trying to take it all in, take pictures, and video to remember it all, and just plain enjoy it at the same time.  Needless to say my video of Bradley and Ellie coming down the basement stairs consists of crazy footage, sideways video of me helping Bradley ride is plasma car, I guess I didn't realize it was still on...lesson learned for next year!


I am a big girl Mommy...look at me pushing my stella doll in a stroller.  Such joy.

We opened stockings in front of the fireplace.  Bradley got some fun little things from Santa including match box cars, DVDs, and of course lots of candy!  

I found a new 50mm lens in my stocking!! Santa sure is smart these days!
Here is one of the first pictures I snapped with my new 50mm lens.  Ellie digging through the stocking loot.  She got board books, pacifiers, and yogurt melts.  What else does a 9 month old need in her stocking?

After some basement set-up the kiddos came down to find the tree packed!  Bradley went right to town, and Ellie spent some time exploring her new "house."  This toy is actually really fun (although it is big), and Bradley loves playing it with Ellie.  He will ring the door bell, and peek his head through.  Ellie just laughs and smiles of course! 

Bradley pretty much looked like this during all of the present opening.  Last year we could hardly get him to open more gifts, he just wanted to play with his Thomas Train table.  This year we actually had to slow him down.  He would rip one and move onto the next in a second flat!


Bradley took care to read all of the tags.  "To Bradley" "Love Santa"  Look Mom, Santa wrote this to me!!


Then it was time to play and play we did.  We pretty much played the entire day.  Well, Chris played and spent a lot of time un-twisted ties, breaking down boxes, installing batteries.  Poor guy!


Chris spent a lot of Christmas Day putting together this big kid kraft garage for Bradley.  It had 84 screws, and left him with an indention on his hand. 




This was also my BIG gift from Chris.  An idea book.  It is awesome.  A net book of sorts, but then the screen flips to become a touch screen pad.  Such fun!!  Unfortunately I had no idea what on Earth it was when I opened it, so Chris was a bit disappointed in my reaction.  whoops!









The day after Christmas we made the trip to visit Chris' Mom and the rest of the family.  They had a great time opening gifts and visiting with the kids.  Here are some of the highlights...

Glenda and Kim looking through the Shutterfly Calendar.  They turned out so cute, but they are a TON of work!  I guess that is what happens when you take thousands of pictures of your children.  How on earth to you pick two or three pictures for each month?

I am so bummed that this picture of Kim is blurry!  Lesson for next year, don't fiddle with your new lens while you are trying to take important Christmas photos!!

This was our big gift for Grandma....a hand painted platter.  It was so much fun to make, here is a better view:



So many memories, I am so glad at times that I have a blog, or I wouldn't remember all of it!  That about wraps up Christmas 2010.  We did go to Wintergreen and the boys all went to a waterpark, more on that later!

Tomorrow is the big reveal of Naptime is Craftime...crickets churping...come on I know you are excited!  Be ready to link up some project you want to work on in 2011, it can be anything under the sun, or just a post about what you would like to accomplish from DIY to decorating, anything really!

I can't wait!


Jodee Leader said...

It looks like you had such a fun Christmas! My kids had that house too and it was always a big hit!

I love, love, love the Santa's Workshop paper. Where did you find that?!

Cory spent the entire Christmas Day putting things together, etc. He swore at the elves all day!

Lindsay said...

Awww what a great rest of your Christmas! Love that picture of Bradley flying through the house on the plasma car!!

Megan said...

oh boy! Fantastic photos! Love the one of your father (I believe that is your father) and Ellie! I can see you are liking your new lens :)

Colleen said...

Such cute pictures. It's so much fun with little ones on Christmas.

Katie said...

Great post! It's so nice that you have the room to fit all that stuff!! :) Our space definitely limits the toys we accumulate, otherwise the stuff would take over! Loved seeing everything that you all got!
Btw, where did you get their matching Christmas PJs and shirts? I want to start looking now for next year!
Hope to catch up in person soon!! :)

amanda said...

you captured the day so beautifully!