Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love Is... Nine Months Old


I swear I can feel my heart growing bigger each month.  It seems to stretch and pull the moment I think that I just couldn't love this little baby any more.  It is amazing how different she is than her big brother.  Calmer, a bit more gentle and not as curious.  Just content.  That is probably the best word to describe her right now.  (I know how quickly it can change!!)  She has succeeded in filling a hole in my heart that was deep and wide.  I don't think I realized how big the hole was until I realized how deeply I have fallen in love with her.  She is the center of our world and her big brother's too!


I haven't posted about her stats in a long time, so I'll get right to it.  This little girl is 19 lbs. 2 oz., and 26 inches long.  She continues to be 75% for weight and in the 25% for height.

She is the most hug~able little thing you have ever laid your eyes on.  She loves to be carried around the house just to check things out.  Her newest love is to stand up while you hold her little fingers.  If she is feels REALLY brave she will let go and reach out for something.  Then quickly realize that is too scary and look for your hand again.  She is not a dare devil for sure.


Ellie's newest vocabulary words include mama and dada.  Mama was the hot sound for quite a while, and now Dada is at the top of her list.  I heart driving in the car with her (as long as it isn't for very far) and listening to her sweet babbling as we roll along.  She will babble to her brother and they will chitter chatter in their own little sibbling language.  It is full of giggles and smiles and a certain way that they make each other laugh.   


She has her moments, she can still fuss and cry with the best of them.  But, all in all this little girl has turned into the sweetest little being in the house.  Just along for the ride, wherever that takes us.  Of course the grocery store is very exciting and picking up Bradley is a hot activity each week.  It doesn't take much to please this little butter bean.  

Her newest trick is dancing.  This little mama will dance for any music, any time of the day, and almost on command.  She will dance to music on toys, music in restaurants, and her most favorite dancing tune is the "Weeble Wobble" toy she got from Santa.  "Those weeble wobbles, wobble, but the dont' fall down, Go Weebles, Go Weebles."  Can you tell how many times I have heard that tune?  One to many.  Dancing for Ellie pretty much looks like a college boy doing the belly roll move on the dance floor.  It is hilarious and adorable all at the same time.

Inspired by her dancing moves I enrolled us all in music class.  That has been really fun. I think there are a few parts of class that she LOVES, like the opening song, the guitar, and dancing around the room.  There are also some parts that she just breaks down in tears.  The song with the loud fake "Ah coos" just scares her to death.  This week she broke down in tears when everyone started clapping in rhythm together.  I think it just a bit of sensory overload for her little ears.  All in all she spends a lot of class dancing, and smiling.  I think it is a success!  


Happy nine months, my little Ellie girl.  You have shown me how big love can be.


Colleen said...

She's so beautiful Clare!! love the pictures in this post. Of course I had to crack up at her stats. Emily did not reach 20 lbs until she was over 18 months old. She's such a peanut.

Jennifer said...

Clare, she is such a doll! I love her pink hat! It's funny-you know Hudson just started walking. I think it's because he's so sweet and loveable and I just carry him everywhere too :)

laura said...

adorable. simply adorable. don't you just love this age?!??!

amanda said...

nine months? it really just can't be possible!!

happy happy nine sweet girl :)

Jenny said...

Such sweetness Clare! She is definitely a cutie!

Lindsay said...

ohh Clare such a sweet post about such a sweet little girl.. You know how much I enjoy my little Ellie girl and I think you totally captured her in this post.. or at least the parts of Ellie I get to see.. the content cuddly little happy girl! I can't wait for my weekend with her!!

Michelle Xo said...

What a doll! I just want to kiss those juicy cheeks!

aimee said...

She's just delicious!

Krystyn said...

Happy 9 months sweet Ellie!