Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Rewind 2010


Time has gotten away from me, and I wanted to get up these pictures before it gets any later.  This Christmas was simply my favorite by far.  Bradley was beyond excited, cute as a button, and loved every part of it.  The tree, the elf, Santa, Rudolph, it was all beyond exciting for him.  I was also just so happy to have our little family of four together.  Chris took off from Christmas Eve's eve until the Monday after New Years.  That was also a treat.  What mom doesn't love to have the hubby around to help?  I got spoiled and I am now back to Mommy boot camp this week. 


We spent Christmas Eve over at my Mom's house.  My sister was there with my sweet nephew.  The boys opened gifts, played, watched a Christmas movie and just had a great time.  Ellie took naps, smiled, and was cute of course!


We had a photo shoot outside by the lake.  My parents set up a sailboat with lights each year.  Great place for pictures!




Ellie reading her new Curious George book that Aunt Lindsay got her.  I just love a baby with a pacifier, I don't know why, I just think it is the cutest thing.

Here is another view just in case you didn't see how adorable she is!!

Here is my mom opening her new knitting bag I bought her.  It filled it with some beautiful yarns.  I can't wait to see it all completed!


Bradley opening his new tag reader from my parents.  He loves it!



Bradley with his big gift from Gigi and Pop pop!  I love the Fisher Price Imaginext brand for his age range.  They have lots of toys that appeal to him, but they are easy to use and the pieces are too too tiny.  It also seems like one step down from the really 'big boy' toys that totally turn me off.

After a delicious meal and some down time we headed off to the Christmas Eve church service.  Then we came home to have our little traditions.  Unfortunately with two children under the age of 4 I didn't get many pictures from Christmas Eve night.  Bradley was SOOOO hyped and just giggling and running around the house.  Mr. Elf left Bradley a new Rudolph book for us to read on Christmas Eve.  Well, I think it was the longest book on the planet and he spent most of it tickling Ellie and giggling with her.  Lesson learned for next year!  We did leave out carrots, sprinkle oatmeal and cookies for Santa.  Then the two little children were tucked in their beds...

Santa left this in the middle of the night....





Ellie's Goodies from Santa


Bradley's Goodies from Santa


We left the cookies right by the fireplace the picture of the kiddos.  Bradley wanted to make sure Santa knew which house he was at when he came in the fireplace.  The whole thing just went so quickly.  I wish I could have frozen time, his happiness, spending time with Chris setting it all up, it was just what I dreamed about when we got married six years ago, only better.

Wow, you are an awesome reader if you are still hanging in there...

I am thinking Thursdays will become my "Naptime is Craftime" post...This week I am going to share about my Christmas Blessing Rings and some other project ideas, anyone want to join me on Thursdays?  Let me know!!!


Colleen said...

These are great. I agree with you -I love that imaginext brand. I bought a few things from there as gifts this year. Can't wait to check out your Naptime is Craftime!

Oh, and I bought some wire so I am hoping to try out the art cable this weekend. Will keep you posted!

Jenny said...

Such great pics Clare! Will has the plasma car as well and absolutely loves it!

I totally love that photo of Bradley and Ellie...such cuteness.

Lindsay said...

ooo I am in! I need to get working but I have a few little projects (in process) to share! See you Thursday too :-)

Lindsay said...

ahh I'm a jerk.. I loved reading this whole post.. but forgot about all the cutness when I saw crafty post information at the end!!

Anyway.. Loved how Santa wrote little notes and everything looks awesome under the tree!

amanda said...

you are right - pictures of babies with binkies in their mouths? total adorableness!!

looks like a fun christmas morning :)