Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Arrival of Our Most Precious Gift!


Ellie Clare was born on Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 11:48 am. She weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 19 inches long. We are all at home now, and most importantly healthy.



There is so much to this birth story... highs and lows, scary parts, and many details that I want to take the time to document and remember. What a journey to this little lady. From the battle of trying to conceive her, and the dramatic fashion in which she arrived. I never would have thought that all of this could happen to our little family. We survived. Chris and I can live to tell about it. And looking into her sweet face makes it all better.



For now I will just include some pictures of our amazing little lady.


Ellie I love you with all of my heart.


Family is the most important thing in the world. You have taught me that this week.


I am so lucky and thankful to be your mother.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Countdown is On!!

Ellie Belly will be making her appearance next week!! I still have my fingers crossed that it might be sooner, but I am not holding my breath. I had my 38 week check-up yesterday, and not much has changed. She is content in her spot, and my body hasn't made any major signs that labor will be taking place soon.

The doctor and I discussed all of my different birth choices. I think that I am making the best decision I can. My options are to continue waiting, and see what happens. But given my past birthing history (a late and BIG baby), waiting probably isn't the best option. The longer I keep waiting the bigger the Ellie will get. Therefore, making my chances for a successful VBAC smaller. So, I have one more check-up next Tuesday. We will see if anything has changed, but I have my c-section schedule for March 31st!! If not much has changed again next week, we will proceed with my c-section and take care of all of my pre-operation paperwork next week.

What it all comes down to is meeting this sweet baby girl, and having a healthy mama and babe. That is all any mother can hope for!!

My Mom and I went through her hope chest the weekend. We dug up a bunch of beautiful clothes and blankets. Some were family made, and others were things that my Mom put my sister and I in as kids. I can't wait to get Ellie in some of these adorable outfits...


This is a sweet dress that my nanny made. My sister and I both wore it when we were babies.


My Mom made these adorable onesies for Ellie. They actually go with a matching quilt that isn't quite done yet! Thanks Mom!

I am in love with these Aden and Anais muslin swaddle blankets. I found them at a local boutique for $47 for 4...and then bought them from $29 from That is the best website! They also had a 10% off coupon!

burpy cloths
I also got these awesome burp cloths from, made by Aden and Anais. They are so soft, and when you are done using them as burp cloths you can snap them up as bibs!! Isn't that so smart?!


Just for some cuteness I had to include my little Safari Son! Here he is in his "Diego Shirt" (because it has a zebra on it) and safari hat! He just cracks me up!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spit and Vinegar and Sweetness, all Rolled into One!

These last few days of just "me and Bradley" have been so rewarding and challenging. It seems that he has been testing Chris and I in these last few weeks. Showing a little bit more independence and opinion on the day to day routines. Before we left the house on Wednesday morning, he had visited time out four times. That is a lot for this little guy! We have received a bit of talking back, getting angry at us, resisting quiet time, naptime, and just plain anything that would be a 'normal' part of the day. I am wondering if he can sense the big change that is about to take place in our lives? The room is ready, everyone keeps asking him about being a big brother, and my belly has its own zip code.

But then there are these moments...


when he is just so fun and adorable. You can forget quickly about the spit and vinegar attitude. I think I have also been trying to pack in as much bonding and fun time as I possibly can. After the library and the little gym yesterday we went to the park for over two and a half HOURS!! The weather was so gorgeous and lots of friends were with us. After picking up sandwiches and smoothies and sunchips, life was good!!! After school today we broke our normal routine and went to the park again with friends and lunch. We stayed until 2:30 and were utterly exhausted when we got home. But, after some quiet time we headed back out to another park for another play date. I normally would never schedule so much into one or even two days, but I know that it won't be so easy to jump in the car soon enough.

Tomorrow we are taking it easy while we drop off the car to be fixed up before Ellie arrives. I am thinking a picnic lunch and some fun projects will make up our day together. This may be one of our last weekends as a family of three!


I could just eat up this little fireman...I mean train conductor....or safari diego man....we aren't sure over here...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Birthday for Two Adorable Kiddos

What a gorgeous family!! We got to celebrate Gigi and Jack's birthday this weekend. Both of these adorable kids are in Bradley's class, and will actually be our new neighbors when we move into our house. They just bought a home right down the street from us! We are thrilled about that! Kelley had the party completed organized with a Cars cake for Jack and a princess cake for Gigi. The table was even covered half princess and half cars decorations for both kids!

Can you tell these kids had a blast?! I love these action shots from The Little Gym!



It is so amazing to see how much these kids have grown up! We have all been going to preschool and The Little Gym together for almost a year. They were listening to directions, playing hide and seek, and the parents just watched the whole thing! What a great concept!


Such determination!


Walking on the balance beam!!


We had a fabulous weekend with Uncle Shawn and Aunt Rebecca too! They watched Bradley for us while we got to have a nice, long relaxing dinner on Saturday night. Then we all hung out together on Sunday. It was great to visit with them before baby Ellie makes her arrival!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ellie Belly

Chris and I have gotten in the habit of calling Ellie Clare, Ellie Belly...seems fitting, right?

Well, I wanted to update about the pregnancy. I will be 37 weeks on Monday, whew!! Time is flying here at the end, I can't believe it! I had my check-up this week, and things are progressing quickly. I know I have posted about the possibility of having a VBAC, but it isn't a priority. Bradley's birth was really scary and an emergency c-section is never what you hope for. BUT, this little girl is showing signs of coming into the world her own way too! Bradley never really engaged, and even when I went to the hospital to be induced I wasn't doing A THING...LITERALLY!! With how large he was, I was definitely a prime candidate for a c-section looking back. Well, Ellie Belly is measuring right on track. In the last few appointments I have actually lost a few pounds. She is already at +2 station, the doctor could feel her head!! Wow!! I was 40% effaced, and a few fingertips dilated! I was never this far, even after an entire day of being induced with Bradley. The OB said that for a patient considering a VBAC, I was in very good condition. I am just taking the information as it comes, and we will see what happens with this little girl. I have been having a lot of braxon hicks, some that will take my breath away in the evenings. Again this is nothing that I experienced last time so it is all new to me!

With all of that information from my appointment, the nesting has kicked into super drive!! I have cleaned out the fridge, organized all of the kitchen cabinets, typed out directions to Bradley's school and activities for the grandparents to take over, etc. etc. I have little projects for Chris when he gets home from work, and I just know he LOVES it!! haha! I think we are getting there, just a few last minute things still left to take care of. Chris is getting the car detailed next week, and then we are putting in the car seats for both kids. That will be weird!! I have started to pack a bag for the hospital. I purchased some new comfy things to wear there and in the weeks after I get home. I have washed some things for Ellie for the first few weeks, and they are all folded in her drawers. I just can't wait to meet this little lady.

In addition to Ellie, I have been trying to get things ready for Bradley too! He has grown out of a lot of his clothes! So, I have spent the past few weeks buying him new shoes, jeans, raincoats, and anything else I think he will need to get into the spring/summer weather. I have been preparing for all of the upcoming birthdays and holidays too. I just bought these...


for Easter! I think they are so darling, and I can't wait to fill them up! The Easter bunny already got Bradley a new Peter Pan movie (we have been borrowing Cali's for a while), and all of the Peter Pan figurines. I think a few Go Diego Go toys will complete the basket! My girlfriend Lauren just dropped off this for Ellie yesterday...


Isn't it amazing?!! I can't wait to hang it up in her new room! And, I can't believe I will have a little girl to put bows in her hair?!! It is still so exciting to think about!

Anna, Mom, and Dad

My best friend Lori had her little girl Wednesday night...Anna May! Congrats to them, and I can't believe our little girls will be so close in age. Chris said looking at their pictures from the hospital got him so excited.

Well, that is all of our craziness over here! We'll just have to wait and see how and when Ellie Belly will be making her appearance!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Pirate...with Sunglasses


I took this picture of my sweet little boy this afternoon!! What a difference from yesterday! He woke us up early to tell us he was REALLY thirsty. And after a glass of water he was back asleep until 8 am. Poor little thing was just plain worn out.

I had wanted to do a post early this week about "Bradley's Favorite Things." Bradley is OBSESSED with his new sunglasses that I bought during my shopping weekend. He has been wearing them non-stop! It is hilarious! He has even had them on at night in the car. I guess some boys can be just as much into their accessories as girls?

Between sunglasses and Captain Hook, we are going through a lot of little obsessions lately. Do you notice the pirate hat and the 'ahoy matey' shirt? I bought Bradley three or four different pirate shirts from Gymboree a few weeks ago. Well, that is ALL that he wants to wear. He cries and gets upset if they are all dirty and can't be worn. It is so fun to see him have an opinion about what he wants to wear, but also very frustrating. He is also very into "comfy pants" as he calls them (sweat pants or wind pants). They are worn almost every day, unless I can talk him into jeans or khakis for school. Again so cute, but extremely frustrating too! I want him to dress nice for preschool and other activities, and he doesn't like to! I guess I will have to learn to pick my battles on the clothing front.

I am just glad this little pirate is feeling better!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Sick Little Boy

We spent ALL of today looking like this...


Poor Little Boy!!! Knock on wood we have made it through most of this nasty season without catching much of anything. With all that we do; from the gym, preschool, and other adventures Bradley has stayed fairly healthy!! But, today our luck ran out! I spent my day tending to this little man, and trying to distract him from wanting just "one sip of water mommy." He asked me so many times, at one point he even started crying. I finally caved in, and let's just say that even "one sip" didn't stay down for long. We watched Peter Pan twice (go figure), Go Diego Go three or four times, and slept on the couch for most of the day. The afternoon went a little better, and he even started to perk up by the evening. After some licks of a grape popsicle for dinner he is now snuggled in bed, and will hopefully wake up a new little boy in the morning.

Now Chris and I are just holding our breath, hoping that we both don't end up in the same boat. I have no interest in throwing up at 36 and 1/2 weeks pregnant!

I had the best of intentions about posting about our great weekend! It was so busy and fun, and of course I didn't take ONE picture. I don't know what has gotten into me? I have been just tired and forgetting my camera when we go places. Friday night we had a pizza party with friends, and celebrated Greta's birthday. We have been trying to meet up with people in these last few weeks before Ellie's arrival. I just know we won't feel like entertaining after she is here!

Then Saturday the beloved Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam came down for the weekend. We went to the local college basketball game together. Then we swung home and picked up Bradley for a trip to the new "Bounce n' Play" that just opened up in town. We have already been twice, and he really wanted to show it to the family (maybe that is where we picked up this nasty thing?!). I feel like those places are a breeding ground for yucky stuff, but the kids LOVE them! That sums up our super fun weekend without photos...

Now off to rest and pray that this thing doesn't spread through the family!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prayers for a Friend

I'm not sure if you have ever visited The Land of Syd (and baby 2.0) on my sidebar, BUT she needs our thoughts and prayers right now. Laura and I have known each other since high school. If all my stuff wasn't in storage right now, I could probably dig up a picture of us together dressed up for homecoming or prom. Although we went to different colleges, I was usually updated through friends how she was doing. Through facebook and blogging we were reconnected. When I wrote about my pregnancy on my blog Laura wrote me the sweetest email on facebook. She truly is a great person!

Sweet Laura has a wonderful little girl, Syndey, and a baby boy on the way. She just commented about being exactly two weeks behind me, and every time I blogged about Ellie coming she got excited for herself too! Well, Laura went through a night of hell Monday night. She and baby 2.0 are doing OK as of now. But, please check on their blog and say a little prayer for them!

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about how scary her ordeal must have been. How lucky we all are to have beautiful babies at home and a healthy family. Life is so fragile, and the gift of pregnancy is a miracle in itself. As these last few weeks of my pregnancy draw to a close, I will be sure not to complain about the heartburn or aching feet. Baby Ellie is bouncing around and happy. I can't wait to meet her, but a few more weeks won't hurt!

We're all thinking of you Laura! Stay strong!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's the Little Things In Life

It's getting the weekend "off," yes you read that right, the WHOLE weekend to myself!!! Chris took Bradley to his Mom's house for the weekend. I stayed home and relaxed, wrote thank you cards, spent ALL day Saturday shopping at the outlets with Greta, and slept in. It was probably the last time in a LONG time that I will be child free!

It's your son sleeping all week long WITHOUT pacifiers!! I couldn't be more proud of my little man. (This is the same little boy that had six pacifiers in his bed, and lined them up on his nightstand every morning....He had favorites, like his 'star be.' He has called them bes since he could talk. He would squeeze them as he fell asleep at night. He would rub them on his face while you read his bedtime stories. I was worried we might still have a 'be' in college....but I guess I was wrong about that!) He left them in Ellie's room Monday night and hasn't looked back since. There were a few tears falling asleep on Monday, but he has done great since then.

It's the Smoothie King opening up across the street from our house. Do you know how much I LOVE smoothies??

It's your son learning how to use a stapler:


It's your son taking this new skill to a whole new level by stapling together every piece of paper in a pack of post-it notes. That takes determination!!


It's getting the frame stroller you wanted for this new baby for $20 from a friend, yay!!


It's going to see "Annie" tonight with your little sister!! I can't wait!! Did you know my hair was like Annie as a kid, and I watched the movie roughly 1 million times.

It's being possibly less than 30 days away from meeting your next child!! I am so excited I could scream!!

It's all these little things, that make life grand! Happy Monday!