Wednesday, February 24, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...


This sweet little girl has so many people that love her!! The shower was so overwhelming! I took some pictures of some of the clothes that I got this weekend. Again, this doesn't even touch on a lot of the blankets, sleepers, and shoes that she received. I will have to make sure I take pictures of her in all of her cute duds. Cali gave Ellie this sweet pillow monogramed (above), and her first lovey (below) with her name. I can already tell that it will get a lot of use in the years to come!


Then my sweet friend Heather got some inspiration from Ellie's bedding. She found some scraps of her sheets, and made a few different things. She made this sleeper (below) with the bird. Isn't that so creative and sweet?


Then she took more of the bedding and made shoes and a burp cloth!
It was the hit of the shower!



Aren't these bibs so cute from my friend Katie? I love the colors!

Another gift from Heather, a bunny towel!

This little tutu was from my Aunt, along with a HUGE basket of clothes! I hope she likes ballet!

Another gorgeous dress from Cali. I can definitely see some pictures in this!

More and More cute outfits...I had to include a few!!






I think the shower threw me into MAJOR nesting mode. Chris and I met at Babies R Us yesterday and stocked up on some much needed items. A lot has changed since I had Bradley, and so we filled up the cart with BPA free bottles, pink pacifiers, nursing covers, pink boppy know the essentials!!? Then yesterday afternoon I washed some clothes, organized, and cleaned up the nursery again. I have a few more 'projects' for Chris, but I am feeling pretty good about everything! I had my OB appointment this morning. Everything is looking great, and I am measuring perfectly! 5 and 1/2 weeks to go!!! WHOOOOO HOOOO! I can't wait to meet this sweet baby!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ellie Clare Gets Spoiled!!

This weekend was a whirlwind to say this least! Saturday was filled with lots of friends and family. Sweet Cali opened up her home for my shower this weekend. Along with my Mom, sister Lindsay, Greta, Kim, and Rebecca the shower was amazing to say the least!! These girls pulled out all of the stops for sweet Ellie Clare. I was honestly overwhelmed by the turn out and all of the gifts. Let's just say that Ellie's closet is stocked up....


I will have to do another post tomorrow about all of the sweet outfits this little girl has....I'm not sure who is more lucky, Ellie or her mama?!! This is hardly half of all that she recieved. My sister was smart, and assigned everyone different sizes in their invitations. I now have a bin already FULL with 6-12 month clothes, along with all of the things in the closet. What a treat! This also doesn't include all of the adorable sleepers and newborn things to be washed for her arrival.


Janna made the trip down, along with Colleen. Both lifelong friends that I miss terribly at times. I did get the chance to talk to both of them for a while at the shower and catch up!


My sister, Mom and I hanging around after the shower

Both of my sister in laws made the trip, Kim and Rebecca

Cali had the great idea to make onesies for sweet Ellie during the shower. Here is my Mom and Aunt Annmarie working on their outfits. The final products are adorable:




Ellie's Godmom, Debbie on my left came
and my sweet friend Greta helped pull the whole thing off!


Ang and I attempting to show off our bellies. She is pregnant with twins, and due in just a few months. We both worked together as teachers and have remained friends. We both saw the same fertility doctor, and have had a long road to get these babies!!




Janna, Ang and I chatting it up!

Karen, Greta and Kelley awwing over new baby Trey!!

Sunday I raced up to Lori's shower in the morning. Here she is opening her outfit from me! Isn't it so cute? I love the turtles, and the tulip hat!


Lori and I are due a week apart. I am SO excited to share this experience with her, and have playdates in the future. My other best friend Steph had a little boy on Saturday morning. She is in Rhode Island, so I will have to settle for photos instead of seeing him in person.
Stay tuned tomorrow for all of the goodies!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tidbits From this Week

This week has flown by! The fact that I can actually leave the house becuase the sun is out makes the days go by much faster. Bradley finally got to celebrate his Valentines Party yesterday at school. He was SO excited to come home and show me all of his cards. He even took the bag up to quiet time to look through. It is the little things that make them happy! I love it!


It seems like all of my friends are pregnant!! My best friend Steph (on the left) is in the hospital right now getting induced with her first baby. I can't wait to find out what she is having!!! I am guessing a boy, but we'll see! Lori (on my right) is due with her first baby girl one week before me on March 24th. I am traveling up to her shower on Sunday (she lives near my hometown). I just went to surprise shower for Sarah last Friday. She is pregnant with her third child. I have another shower for my girlfriend Ang in March. She is pregnant with twins...a boy and girl. Don't drink the water people....or maybe we should!! Such an exciting time! I remember going through 'wedding' season. Well, this seems to be the baby season for sure.

I want to have everything "done" before baby Ellie arrives. I noticed this week that Bradley's shoes weren't velcroing all the way down. I took him to stride rite this morning and he is two sizes bigger. Sweet little boy was so excited about getting new sneakers. He put them on and looked at me and said, "Mommy, these feel great!" Whoops!! That always happens to me when I go in there. Next weekend I am going to make a trip to the outlets for spring/summer clothes. I just know that I won't want to be shopping in the next few months. I want Bradley to be all ready for the spring and summer!

We have been BUSY finalizing plans for our new home. I am getting really excited for it, and for everything to get started. The plan is to break ground in March and move in by June! Chris and I met with the cabinet designer yesterday to talk about our new kitchen. I cannot wait to see the final plans, but nervous about the final costs. Cabinets are such a mark-up. Especially when I want white with a glaze finish. Not cheap!

We have been slowly checking off things from our 'to do' list around here. Chris and I sat down and ordered another video monitor. It the exact same one we have with Bradley...except ours is on its last leg. I think it just needs a battery replacement, but new is always better right?!


We also bought one of these sound machines from Sharper Image. Bradley has one that is similar, and he still sleeps with it. He calls it his 'music.' We have it on the ocean water setting, and he likes it LOUD!! If it isn't loud enough for his standards he will get out of bed and turn it up. It sounds like an mini tornado in there!! But, he is a great sleeper so I can't really complain. This new version has an clock which I am excited about. I think it will be nice to have a clock in Ellie's room to keep track of her nursing schedule and stuff. Or to just make myself feel worse when I am up at 3:30 in the morning, and it feels like no one else in the world is!

sound machine

Family and friends are throwing me a shower tomorrow for baby Ellie! I am SUPER excited about it! I will share pictures as soon as possible!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Just Can't Help Myself!!

I must admit, when I click on my blog and see my little liliepie countdown to Ellie I get overjoyed and nervous!! Today it says, "33 weeks and 3 days pregnant, 46 days to go"!!! WOW!! That is coming very quickly.

At my last appointment we discussed a few of my birth options. I think we are just keeping an open mind, and going to see what happens. I had to have a c-section with Bradley because he went into distress during labor. My OB-GYN has been very supportive of a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean). Honestly, I haven't thought all that much about either choice. I was SOOOO concerned about Bradley's birth and my 'birth plan' last time. This pregnancy, not so much. I am just so happy to be pregnant, that I will take whatever is thrown at me. Of course at 36 weeks they will begin to check me at each appointment. I think from there, my doctor and I will begin to come up with a plan. The only problem with having a VBAC is I have to go into labor on my own (and they won't let you go over your due date). Hmmmmm.....Bradley was 8 days late, I wasn't doing a thing, and he was HUGE. So, the likely hood that I will go into labor at 38 weeks is pretty slim. So, if nothing is progressing I will most likely schedule a c-section. We talked about different dates, and the date they suggested was March 31st. Nothing is scheduled yet, but that is not far away at all!!!!

Which brings me to my second birth option. No one really 'wants' to have surgery. It is just so hard on the mama and the babe. But, I do feel more comfortable with that happening this time (and most likely it will!!). I am just dreading the recovery. It is tough. It is MAJOR surgery, and I will have a newborn, and a preschooler. It is just not the most ideal situation. But, more than likely this is what will happen for me.

Honestly, I have more fears about having two children to watch over. A new baby, getting little sleep, breastfeeding again. Will I remember what to do? I think these are more pressing on my mind than the actual birth. Again, I just want a healthy baby girl. Whichever way it comes is not up to me. I would love to start having contractions on my own to at least try again, but I am not counting on that happening.

So, on to why I just can't help myself! I am going into major nesting mode, and have been doing a bit of shopping here and there. Chris and I have bought a few things together, and then I got some more outfits this weekend at Target. Gotta love Target!!

I bought both of these little smock dressed from Target,
they have matching bloomers underneath! So adorable!



I love this little outfit for the spring, the buttons on the leggings are so fun!

If she makes her entrance before Easter, I picked this up for her!
But, anytime in April it will be a cute outfit. Sometimes it is still a bit chilly here too.
It is from The Children's Place.

Another Target outfit!

I had to show these little pants with the ruffle bottoms.

This sweet outfit was a gift from a dear friend.

This hat was another gift I got this week. I just love the peas on the hat.

Of course Ellie has to have some shoes. Bradley lived in this type for the first year.
Sweet angel is going to be here soon!