Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Little~Big Three Year Old


I'm not sure why turning three has been so hard on me. Maybe because I am your Mommy and you aren't a toddler anymore. You are a "preschooler." Maybe it is because we will be welcoming a new addition to the family in just a little over two months and that is just boggling my mind. Maybe it is all of these little moments that feel SO BIG all of the sudden.

Today was one of kissed me goodbye and walked into the Little Gym Funny Bugs class all by yourself. You listened, followed directions, did the parachute without me, went under the parachute with your teacher (you wouldn't even do that with me!!), did forward rolls without help, and were the best little three year old I have ever seen. You left class smiling and excited to show me your Funny Bug Stamps, and tell me that you have a NEW little gym teacher. I watched it all through the window, with all of the other 'preschool mommies.' I was nervous for you at first. You would peak out the window and look at me and wave. But you did great!

Even if you keep growing up so fast, don't forget to look back and wave sometimes. I am right here watching you and cheering you on.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Down Right Adorable


The "Down Right Adorable" is this little man dressed up in his cowboy gear. We were heading out to The Little Gym, and of course he had to be dressed to impress. I feel like I have had so many parenting stories to share lately....some great....some extremely embarrassing...and some successes.

The Good:

We are taking a music class together with Larken and Amalie this winter. I did a few sessions with Bradley when he was younger and he wasn't a big fan. It is really expensive, and I didn't want to force him to go to something he wasn't excited about. Well, he is in LOVE with "Mr. Dave" and everything music! The first class was a bit rocky, he was unsure of the dancing part, and wanted to be held. But, we are on week three and having great success! He knows the words to the songs, loves the teacher, can pat his hands to the rhythm of the music and sing!

Bradley has started doing 'chores':


The tot clock and the chore chart seem to be working some magic. I don't want to talk about it too much, because then tomorrow will be jinxed, BUT it IS working! He will stay in his bed for all of quiet time (usually an hour and a half), wait until 7:30 to get out of bed in the morning (no more 6:45 wake up calls), and he is staying in his seat for dinner. Tonight he even tried salmon for the first time and loved it! This weekend Bradley took it upon himself to clean-up his room after quiet time too. He put all of his books back on his night stand, put his toys back in the bins (I have been giving him a few toys to play with in bed), took off his pull-up and peed on the potty, AND put on his underwear before coming downstairs. I made such a big deal about it that he has done it every day since. Once his chore chart is filled up than he gets to pick out one toy at the toy store. Today his told me that he wants Cranky the Crane for his train table...umm that is $99. I told him we would have to see about that! This child is no fool!

The Bad:

If you look closely at the chore chart there is a random chore at the top about soccer class....Well, I thought it would be great bonding time for Chris and Bradley to take soccer on Saturday mornings. Two weeks ago was the first class. Bradley fussed and cried and said he didn't want to go. He went anyway, and I wasn't surprised when Chris called after class to say it was a DISASTER! Apparently in the middle of jumping jacks Bradley lost his marbles about who knows what, and couldn't get it back for the rest of class. Needless to say it made for an unhappy Daddy and son. The hilarious part was Bradley came home saying how much he liked soccer. He played soccer with Daddy all day in the basement. Chris couldn't believe he knew every move they learned in class, dribbling, stopping the ball, etc. I guess he was paying attention to the teacher throughout his crying fits. So I added 'be good in soccer' to the chore chart. This week was apparently a lot better. Fingers crossed that we can keep up the momentum!!

Last but not least is my most embarrassing parenting moment #4,832

Chris was out of town this weekend for Uncle Shawn's Birthday. Happy Birthday Shawn!!! Bradley and I were out at dinner with my girlfriend Debbie. As soon as we sat down at the table in the restaurant Bradley started singing. Debbie and I couldn't make out what he was saying and then it hit me; He was singing "Let me take a ride on your Disco stick" over and over again. Ummmm.....whoops!! That song was on the radio for less than a minute the other night before I switched stations. I guess someone liked the tune and found it catchy!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cards, Clocks, and Some Other Stuff


I had to start my post with a quick shout-out to my sister Lindsay.
She made these cute shower invitations for me! Aren't they adorable, Thanks Lindsay! I was so excited when I got the invite in the mail yesterday.


Onto the clocks...I broke down and bought the "Tot Clock" for Bradley. We are still in a napping transition at our house. Some days Bradley still really needs a nap, others he is content to have quiet time. I am finding that I love the early bedtime!! But, it still has some challenges. Bradley is such a slow eater, so we have to start dinner by 5:45 to make sure we have enough time for dinner and bath, etc and get to bed by 7 (if you wait any later he turns into an scary creature). It is an adjustment. Also, there have been days when I still really want him to take a nap. For example Friday night we are having dinner with friends, and the husbands can't meet up until 6. Well, that doesn't give us much time to chow some food and visit. So, I will have to convince Bradley he needs a nap on Friday.

About a week ago Bradley got himself all twisted up in his pajamas. Chris found him crying in the middle of the hallway at 6 am. He didn't want to go back to sleep so he ended up watching Sesame Street with me. Well, that one morning started a new habit of coming in each morning as soon as he woke up (and it kept getting earlier and earlier). We definitely milked the, "stay in your room until we come to get you" for quite some time. We tried the tot clock yesterday for the first time and he is REALLY excited about it. I thought that it might help with quiet time as well. It is means stay in bed, yellow means you can get up! He told his teachers all about it when I dropped him off for school this morning. I hope the excitement lasts!


My 'nook' finally came in the mail last week and I am officially ADDICTED! I just finished "Not My Daughter" by Barbara Delinsky. It was really good, and so fun to read on my nook. Now what to download next...?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



We took Bradley to his first trip to the bowling alley the other day. It was a blast!!

Some things we learned from our first trip:

1. 3 year olds LOVE bowling
2. bowling is WAY more expensive than I remember...ummm $90 for three games & three shoes
3. having Hi-C for the first time is AWESOME according to Bradley
4. you know you are a bad bowler when your three year old beats you, and the gutter blockers are UP...that is bad!
5. we will definitely be back again!

Some of the highlights:


Push the ball and....


and WAIT


His first STRIKE!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2009 Remix

How about a little stroll down memory lane 2009 style? I know that I did this last year, and I wanted to keep up the tradition (even if I am a bit late...)! I went through each month and picked some of my favorite moments, a little different from last year. It is so fun to see how much Bradley has changed, and all of the fun things we did in 2009. From playing in the snow to running on the beach, this boy has had a pretty amazing year if I say so myself. I can't believe all of the changes that took place in 2009, from moving to getting pregnant. We have pretty much packed it all in! Cheers!!

January: your first experience in the snow at Wintergreen Resort, even if it was fake!


February: An amazing trip to the Balitmore aquarium followed by some of my fav pics with your Daddy and Aunt Kim.




March: My little boy is growing up, and starts potty training! It seems like so long ago, and you are still doing great with it!


April: A spring trip to Nags Head with Grandma and the rest of the family.


May: Your first trip to pick strawberries and
playing in the lake with sweet Sammy on Memorial Day Weekend.



June: More trips to the pool...such fun!


July: You move into your 'big boy room'!! We also had our family 'Cousinfest' celebration!
You learn to swim on our amazing trip to Annapolis.




August: Fun times in Nags Head with our favorite friends,
along with a trip to Washington, DC to visit the family.




September was busy!! You ride on your first roller coaster at Bush Gardens.
Have your first day of preschool, AND go to Uncle Shawn and Aunt Rebecca's Wedding!




October: Of course you were a "Mr. Train Conductor"


November: Thanksgiving and time spent with family.


December: Bradley turns THREE!! The biggest snow storm ever, and a fabulous Christmas!




I hope you enjoyed the 2009 Remix!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12 Week Countdown!!!

So I can't believe that I have less that 12 weeks left before this baby girl comes into our lives. Chris and I are getting really excited and anxious about having another child. We have laid awake at night talking about what she will look like, curly hair or straight, blue eyes or green?!? So many fun things to think about!

I will have my next appointment on Wednesday (I am somehow a little off schedule this pregnancy). But, after this next appointment I will start seeing the doctor every two weeks! It is really flying by. My last appointment was the week of Christmas and everything was looking great! I had to take my diabetes test, and I passed with flying colors. They have started measuring my belly, and that looked normal too. I feel blessed to have had a smooth pregnancy, and I hope it continues until the end.

In the past few weeks my energy level has started to taper off again. I have been more tired around the house, not wanting to cook/clean/play with Bradley on the floor and things. I am trying to push through it, because I know that soon I won't have the time to play with him for hours on end. I have noticed a lot more aches and pains from just getting off of the couch and trying to sleep. I know I felt like this with Bradley's pregnancy but you block a lot of it out! I have continued exercising with the elliptical and taking my body pump classes. This might end in just a few short weeks, and I may just walk on the track or treadmill. I am taking a prenatal yoga class that has helped with my soreness. This is getting into the hard part of the pregnancy, and it is all worth it in the end!!!!

Chris and I have also talked at length about how lucky we are. In the past year, I really thought that we might not ever have another child of our own. I longed to be pregnant again, and feel a baby kicking inside of me. I feel so blessed to be able to carry another child. What a miracle it all is!! There are definitely times when you feel like the storm clouds are overhead and pouring rain down on you. Then you reach these moments of bliss. I am definitely in a blissful state right now. Happy with my sweet husband, adorable little boy, and welcoming a new child into our family. I have just had a great feeling of contentedness and peace.

Well, I broke down and had Chris snap another picture of me tonight at 28 weeks. I was feeling guilty about not taking ANY pictures this pregnancy. I am definitely getting BIG, but now we are in the home stretch. I have spent a lot more energy this pregnancy worrying about my weight gain. Hopefully since I have continued going to the gym and working out I can lose it again quickly (a girl can dream right?!). I have eaten a lot more healthily this pregnancy, less ice cream and sweets. But, I still have gained almost 20 lbs at my last appointment. is what it is, and I will work my tail off to lose it in the end. I don't know how some women look so petite while they are pregnant or only gain 20 lbs total?!! Who are these people!!?!!! I know this sweet baby girl is worth it!


28 Weeks, January 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the Nesting Begin!!


Now that Christmas has officially ended, I am in 100% baby preparation mode!! There isn't too much to get, but we did decide to purchase some new bedding for this sweet baby girl. I didn't know what I was having when Bradley was born. So his room was green and neutral. All of his bedding was from pottery barn with green gingham baskets and such. So, I really wanted something pink with a bit of green incorporated. That way I can use my old rocker, baskets, and accessories. I came across this bedding from Pottery Barn and fell in love!! It has the cutest little birds, and I love the color combination. We went out to the store, because I wanted to look at it in person and make sure I loved it. I even think the bird outlines are simple enough that I may be able to paint them myself in her new bedroom. So many fun things to think about!! I love planning for a new baby...

sit and stand stroller

We also went to this amazing stroller store. There were lots of high $$$$ strollers to look at. After looking at the Phil and Ted stroller, which started at $450....we just weren't sure. I just didn't want to invest in this great double stroller when Bradley probably won't be using it that often. The person helping us at the store said that most children are done riding in strollers by the age of four. With that info, we just headed to Babies R Us to check out what they had available. We got this Baby Trend Sit and Stand stroller. Bradley LOVED it at the store!! You can ride two children as shown above, OR take out the back seat and have Bradley stand or sit behind if he is getting tired:

standing up

I think we made a smart choice with the strollers. The employee said that many of the double strollers are really made for two small children or a baby and toddler. Sunday we went looking at lots for our new home!! Chris spent hours Sunday night fiddling around with our floor plans. We hope to get things underway ASAP, so we can move in by May or June!! It is going to be a busy spring people!

I am hoping to do some posts this week about my pregnancy. 12 weeks to go and counting!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Water Park Overdose

The week after Christmas we headed over to Massanutten Ski Resort!! It was a blast, maybe more fun than little Bradley could handle. There was ski tubing, arcade (where we learned that Bradley loves to bowl), and of course the indoor WATER PARK!!!

The first day we toured the entire place and went to the arcade. Then early the next morning we headed over to the water park. Bradley LOVED it to say the least. There were many tears when it was time to head back to the condo for our nap. You could tell he was totally exhausted, but he didn't want to leave. That afternoon the boys went tubing. Bradley loved that too, but I wasn't able to get any photos. I was busy getting a massage....yay!!

We spent the second day in the water park alllllllllllllll day. I was exhausted from the first day at the park, so I was the offical picture taker while Chris ran around after Bradley. There were a lot of slides that I wasn't able to get pictures of because of the water spraying EVERY where. The lazy river was my favorite, and we went around that a hundred times. It is so amazing how quickly this little boy is growing up. He is able to do so many things and is getting a bit fearless. We will definitely be making a trip back to Massanutten soon!


Hanging out on the lazy river


This is one of the many sprayers that the kids could turn on and off. They were all over the bridges and walkways. You could spray people going around the lazy river too. Bradley would come down the slide and crank this puppy up every time. It would drench you if you were too close. No fear!!

Daddy, watch me!!!

Daddy's turn!! I love this one!

I took these photos with the zoom way up, so they aren't the clearest. But, Bradley went down this orange slide over 400 times...not kidding. Here is the play-by-play!
First get through the raining water...

Then get yourself ready to slide


Bradley is happy as a clam!!

The final day of the trip we had purchased more tubing tickets. Well, Bradley was getting really sick and said that he just wanted to go home. The tubing tickets were so hard to get. You had to wait in line forever, because they only sold them the day before you went. So we drove over to the tubing park and gave our tickets to a stranger that wasn't able to get any. I was dissappointed that I didnt' get to see him go down the mountain, but this poor boy was exhausted. I loved going on a trip after Christmas, and I hope we can make it a tradition. It was so relaxing and so many fun memories!