Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Have you noticed a theme with my titles lately?  I haven't been doing it on purpose, but Christmas songs make for some great blog titles!!  

Today I am 31 people.  Wow!  For some reason that seems a lot older than 30...moving to 40 I guess.  It has been a great birthday so far.  The guy at the gym said Happy Birthday to me at 6am when I checked in with my ID.  That was a nice start!  Then Chris stuck around and made me a fabulous breakfast.  I'm a lucky girl.  A new silver Ipod Classic doesn't hurt either.  I am getting ready to load that baby up with some great music and movies.  Can't wait!  My poor nano has bit the dust, and my ipod couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  I also got some awesome jewelry from my sister Lindsay and my sister-in-law Kim.  Love me some jewelry!

Dinner tonight with my family.  Coconut shrimp and crab cakes are being served up by my great hubby and son.  Then tomorrow we are out for date night, dinner and the broadway show Grease!  (I secretly love when birthday celebrations get stretched out for days at a time!!)


Last weekend was full of some awesome family memories.  I know it sounds cheesy, but I am just eating up this little boy at Christmas time.  He is so sweet and full of excitement.  

It is a race every morning to run down and check on Mr. Elf.  Yes, we are very creative over here, no crazy elf names, just plain "Mr. Elf" works for us.   He has been quite tricky and hidden in some great places.  My favorite was the morning he was riding on the camel in the nativity scene.  Bradley came running up stairs to get Chris to come and look at him.  Chris was brushing his teeth and said, just tell me where he is.  Bradley said, ' you know that baby Jesus thing we have for christmas? well, he is on that!'  So hilarious!  


We signed up for breakfast with Santa last weekend at a local Inn.  It was so great!  The food was yummy and perfect mix of things that kiddos and adults like.  Then Santa and Mrs. Claus were waiting for you to visit, and get your picture.  Well, round one didn't go very well.  I did get this adorable picture of Ellie with Santa.  She was a hoot!

After a pep talk and some bribing, we went back for round two with Santa.  I didn't snap one photo because I was desperately trying to make friends with Santa and Bradley.  It worked!!  After giving him a high five and telling him he wants a scooter like his friend Will.  He asked to sit on his lap.  The photographer there got a great shot and all was right in the world.  We are making progress people!!!!!  Last year the picture was me sitting on Santa's lap and Bradley on my lap.  Not exactly what I had in mind!

After some hot chocolate, we went outside and did this.....



A gorgeous carriage ride around the grounds of the inn.  What a magical moment.  All of us tucked under the warm blanket, candy canes, and memories of Santa pictures in our heads.  Then a trot around to look at decorations and just be in the moment.  I love this time of year!!!!!

Ellie does too, can't you tell?!?


Terra said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay's sister! I want to take that little girl of yours and just give her the biggest hug cute!!!

Lindsay said...

awww love this post! What an amazing breakfast with Santa! Happy Birthday big sis I love you so much!!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday!! I'll be 38 next year - you are a baby still!! : )

love the horse drawn carriage! so much fun.

laura said...

happy birthday, friend!!!

breakfast with santa looks amazing...and it looks like it was at one of my most favorite spots. oh, how i love your town.

Krystyn said...

Happy birthday!

It sounds like the day had a great start!

Carly said...

Happy Bday sweet girl! Hope this is your most special birthday yet! Big hugs to those precious, precious kids!

aimee said...
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aimee said...

Happy Birthday! I remembered today was the day. I was thinking about you, wishing I could just walk through the partition in our rooms to write, "Happy Birthday, Mrs. Winn," on your board. Have fun with all your celebrations.

Ah, Christmas. I love everything you're doing! Bake some of those famous hershey kiss cookies for me!
P.S. Yours was the first Christmas card we got ;)

amanda said...

happy happy birthday :)

and that inn looks amazing!! we might have to make a trip there next year!! you have room for us right?

sarahssweeties said...

Happy Birthday!!! Great pictures!

Jennifer said...

Breakfast with Santa sounds so fun! And I love that Mr. Elf was at the baby Jesus thing :) Good idea for us :)

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Clare! I am a bloggy friend of Lindsays and just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful one!!

I remember 31 feeling so much older than 30 also. Isn't that funny?

Laural Out Loud said...

First, Happy Birthday!! It must make December so much more fun for you than for the rest of us with birthdays in other months, lol. Second, you make Christmas look so MAGICAL!!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh I love that Inn...wish we were there too:) Lovely shots!