Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree


We kept things simple this year and just went to a local farm and picked out a Christmas tree.  We might of had some bad luck though, because Chris is convinced it isn't going to make it to Christmas.  It isn't taking much we are going to attempt to re-cut the bottom to see what happens!  Bradley had a great time walking around the lot and looking at the trees, of course Ellie was happy about the whole thing as always.




We did a lot of the decorating after we put Ellie to bed that night.  She was tired from our trip to Grandma's house.  Bradley was really into the whole process this year.  He wanted to hang up every ornament, and had questions about all of them.  He even helped me decorate the tree upstairs that is silver balls for the front window.  

It is so magical to see the holiday through is eyes.  I love his enthusiasm.  Last year was really fun with him, but this year has been amazing to say the least.  He talks about Christmas constantly, Mr. Elf, and baby Jesus.  I just love this little boy!  After we finished with the tree, he changed into his gingerbread man pjs and we watched The Mickey's Christmas Carol as a family.  It was so much fun!  After reading a few holiday books he was tuckered out.  Just trying to do the simple things, and make them as special as possible. 





We had a little family dinner to celebrate Bradley's birthday last weekend.  It was the perfect time for some Christmas pictures in front of the tree.  Could they be any cuter??


The boys ran off to play, but sweet Ellie just hung out under the tree.  Gotta love a baby in a smocked Christmas dress. 


Then my parents came over to give Bradley his gifts.  He is in LOVE with his new spiderman jacket.  He has worn it just about everywhere!



A bit more than two weeks left!!  Merry Christmas!!


Colleen said...

You got such cute shots in front of the tree. Love it!

laura said...

oh, and the pic of all the cousins. adorable!

Laural Out Loud said...

I'm so sad to miss out on the whole tree buying process, espeically after seeing your cool pictures. Real trees are just too expensive here. I LOVE smocked dresses!

Lindsay said...

Love seeing Christmas through their eyes! My friend Jolanthe is doing a blog post where you can share some of your special ornaments. I immediately thought of you because you guys collect them from all over. I am linking up tomorrow I think you should do it if you have time :-) See you tomorrow!

Jenny said...

Beautiful tree Clare! You are right, this is the perfect age to see all the magic of the holiday through their special!

Love Ellie's dress by the way...that is so stinkin' cute!

Phoenix said...

Beautiful Christmas tree! I believe that you had a good time.

amanda said...

it just gets more and more fun each and every year doesn't it?? it really is like magic watching everything through their eyes!