Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

That is pretty much my mantra this time of year!! It all gets started with an awesome Thanksgiving Feast...



Chris was in charge of the turkey and I did almost all of the side dishes.  Everything turned out pretty good, except for a snafu with the cheesecake.  I put it in the oven, and then decided I should go running to burn some calories before eating all of this yummy food.  Multitasking is a great thing, but I should have found something to do in the kitchen.  When I got home from my run my cheesecake was brown on the top.  Off to the grocery store I went to get more ingredients.  I babysat the second cake, and it turned out perfect.  Note to self for next year: put aluminum foil on top of the cake to keep it yummy and from turning brown!


Our Thanksgiving Feast:

Turkey-yummm, great job babe!
Sweet potato casserole-always a hit, topped with cereal, apples, craisins, and some mini marshmallows
Layered Jello Salad
Three bean salad-my mom always makes this for just the two of us, we are the only ones who like it, it is delicious!
Apple Stuffin Muffins-a rachel ray recipe that i love!
Mac n' Cheese-made with Gruyere and cheddar, mouth watering!
Green bean casserole-made with love by my sister Lindsay

and of course some cheesecake and pumpkin pie (lindsay made this from scratch too!)


While everything was being prepped on Wednesday Bradley helped me make my place card holders.  I just love seeing how interested he is in coloring and writing.  Here are our turkeys all lined up for the table!


Bradley and Sammy did such a great job this year with the Thanksgiving dinner.  Bradley said he LOVED the sweet potatoes with the cereal on top!  That a' boy!!  They were so cute during grace.  Lindsay overheard them telling each other to close their eyes for the prayer.  They were saying, 'you close your eyes.. no YOU close your eyes.'  So fun!  I love these little boys together! 



Friday we headed to Chris' Mom's house for another Thanksgiving dinner.  We were stuffed!  Bradley and Grandma got some snuggles in on the couch while we watched Toy Story 3 for the second time that week.  
Bradley opened some of his birthday gifts also, because Grandma and Uncle Shawn can't make it to his birthday party.  There were some amazing Spiderman gifts, and one happy, happy almost four year old!!

All in all it was an amazing Thanksgiving and a great way to kick off our holiday season!!  Cheers!


Jodee Leader said...

It looks like you had a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving! Cute pictures!

Lindsay said...

yay for fun Thanksgiving! Looks like your time down South was a lot of fun as well :-)

amanda said...

looks like a wonderful thanksgiving!

ps - i am loving the mirror in your dinning room!!

laura said...

looks like a wonderful thanksgiving holiday...times 2!

aimee said...

Yummy! I love the place card holders and Bradley's sweet writing!

stacy said...

Bradley looks so grown up! Your kids are adorable! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!