Friday, December 3, 2010

Business in the Front, Poopy in the Back


Ellie decided she needed to jump in the tub in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. She had an enormous poop that covered the walls...well almost. This picture makes you think she is one cute and hug-able baby until you get the back shot!  (warning, major poop ahead!!)


If I didn't lose you with that picture here is some cute ones to make you feel better (after we got her all cleaned up!)






I am still attempting to shoot in manual, although it is major trial and error at this point.  I still have a lot to learn.  The brighter shots were taken in automatic with the flash on...


Brandi said...

i love a good poop shot! i am sure this will surface again someday when you want to embarrass her :) also, i giggle because ellie and anna don't ever seem to have their own toys to chew on....always one of their big brothers:)

Ang said...

The poop even on the left elbow made me laugh out loud! Love it!

Also, there's something about your really cool faucet in the background of those shots that's really cool -the light/dark contrast maybe?

Lindsay said...

ohh I sure hope Dad sees this post! ;-) This made me giggle! Nice work Ellie!

laura said...


i had a lovely episode the other day where ben's diaper leaked through the bjorn, so i had "that" all over him AND me. awesome! awesome!'s worth it to get some adorable shots of the wee one in the kitchen sink for an impromptu, mid-day bath! :)

amanda said...

been there done that :)

ps - have i mentioned how much i love your sink??