Monday, November 29, 2010

Happiness Is...


The "To Do" List is a bit looks like ornaments exploded in the house, along with snowmen, dust bunnies, and knitting projects.  While taking a break from all of that I wanted to stop and reflect on the happiness in my life right now ~ fun and silly too!

two children who are happy and healthy
having a full and filled Thanksgiving weekend
trimming the house from top to bottom with Christmas joy
being "just about done" with my holiday shopping
being "not even close" with holiday gifts and projects:)
shopping days sans kiddos
anthropologie sale items
new boots for me, just because they were 50% off
giddy with excitement for Christmas morning
Bodo's everything bagels with veggie cream cheese enjoyed without kids
the "elf on a shelf" ~ he's the Best!!
Christmas cards that arrived and almost ready to be mailed out
picking just the right paper for wrapping Santa's gifts
having a Christmas movie night
an almost four year old boy who LOVES his gingerbread man pjs
two little teeth popping out of Ellie's smile
garland wrapped around our front porch
a superhero party coming up that is prepped and ready to roll
breakfast with Santa booked with friends in a few weeks
so so much more

off to tackle my huge pile of Christmas projects and attempt to get this house back in order after decorating for the Holidays!!

Tis the Season!


Lindsay said...

ohhh my word that picture is adorable! Bradley looks thrilled.. you look amazing and Ellie looks cute as can be (even with the drool rolling)! Good luck on the to do list! My house exploded too! I am so behind it is not even funny.. Definitely will be working w/ my nose to the grindstone when I get home tonight!

laura said...

i agree with your sister -
that pic is incredible!!!!
that pic is happiness!

i may do one of these lists too.
way to start the holiday season!

Katie said...

Clare! I'm feeling overwhelmed, too. Maybe it's the "kiddo with a December birthday thing"?! Or maybe it's just this time of year...sigh. I'm "not even close" with my shopping, but it always gets done!!
Can't wait to see you at the party on Saturday!
P.S. Tell me about your boots--I've been wanting some new boots! :)

aimee said...

Love it! This is the best time of the year. I'm so excited to be home this year to enjoy every moment with our tree. Remember how depressing it was to go back to Lorton Station after the holidays? Good luck with your projects :)

Krystyn said...

What a great picture! I need to get on my shopping, too!

Christy said...

I have a million things to do before Christmas too. Most of them revolve around making gift, baking, and getting ready for our road trip. It is all very stressful.

amanda said...

loving that picture friend!! LOVING!!