Friday, November 19, 2010

Feeling The Love


You have to love sweet Uncles and Aunts who make the trip to visit your kids while running their own companies and working two jobs.  Uncle Shawn and Aunt Rebecca are always a bit hit in this neck of the woods.  They came down last weekend to play, visit, and soak in some yummy baby chubbiness.  We played in the basement.  We played doctor, football, made some cards, and even squeezed in a little Hokie football.  It was a quick visit, but perfect because we are going to see them soon for Turkey Day. 


I am totally in love with this picture!  Two cuties!


Ang said...

Ellie is super cute in those precious little polka-dots!

Lindsay said...

oo my word that picture of Rebecca and Ellie is to sweet!