Monday, November 8, 2010

Buried Treasure


A few weeks ago I got inspired by Kelle Hampton's blog, Enjoying the Small Things.  If you haven't visited her blog before, it is amazing...great family and great photos!  I feel like I know her, but I so don't.  Just wish I did:)

Anyway, she got my butt in gear to plan an Pumpkin Party....and to throw it together at the last minute.  I have never been really big on Halloween.  Except for maybe in college, but who doesn't like the holiday where you dress up as a slutty something or other and drink lots of beer.  Those days are over, and now it is all about spiderman and ladybugs...

I digress.  We had a pumpkin party with lots of candy, paint and buried treasure.  Bradley helped me with pretty much all of the planning, except hiding the buried treasure.  We made cupcakes together....


And chocolate mummies for snacks...

And then invited friends, old and new


After painting pumpkins and decorating them with glitter, we started on our search for buried treasure.  First I asked the kids what a treasure hunt was, and they weren't real sure...


But they quickly caught on and we started searching the house.  We went to the office
Then onto the front porch.  Everyone was looking in the wrong area, except Davis.  He found the clue right away and was trying to get everyone's attention!


Back inside to the swing


Then off to the basement, which didn't get documented.  But, all in all it was an awesome success.  I am excited for what next year will bring.  Halloween with Bradley around has definitely become a favorite holiday in my heart!

Of course Ellie was a dream, and just hung out while the big kids searched for treasure! 

This weekend was packed full of fun.  But most of Sunday was spent with my mom and I cranking out all of the super hero capes.  Almost there!  I only have a few girls capes to finish.  Tonight I went to my first knitting class and FELL IN LOVE!!  I am working on a plum knit hat for Ellie.  SO excited!!!  

More fun stuff coming soon, just need to take pictures of all of these projects!

Happy Monday!


amanda said...

kelle really is the best isn't she??

love the party!

and loving elle's owls! i am obsessed with owls! and speaking of owls - since you are knitting now, can i send you the owl i started last year for you to finish!!

Ang said...

Ahhh, did guiding all those little ones as they discovered clue after clue give you 1st grade teacher flashbacks!? It all looked marvelous, especially those delectable treats!

I'm keeping the 19th marked -I hope something works out -we'll confirm as we get closer. :)

Jenny said...

how fun! can't wait to see all your crafty projects!

aimee said... I totally love the blog you recommended. I got nothing else accomplished during nap time besides reading that blog and shedding a few tears. Gosh!

I cannot wait to see all your projects! And the pumpkin party, so fun! Good work, mommy!

Lindsay said...

What a fun party! Looks like everyone had a blast!

Laural Out Loud said...

First, I noticed the owl, too. LOVE owls! Old Navy had the cutest boy clothes with owls and I got them all. Second, I'm so going to read that blog, because I'm absolutely amazed at what you pulled off with two kids in tow!

laura said...

amanda introduced me to that blog. i love it, love it, love it!

that party - awesome! love seeing pics of my sratty's sister son! the world is too small, friend!

oh, and i totally broke out my crate and barrel two-tiered tray this weekend for a baby sprinkle. i think everyone who got married in 2003-2004 registered for that! ;)

Colleen said...

I am just cracking up at this post alogn with the comments. We have that same Crate Barrel tray as well and got married in 2002. Too funny.

I love Kelle's blog. I have to say she inspires me in so many ways!!