Monday, October 4, 2010

The Truth on Motherhood Revisited


In the middle of the summer I posted about some of the struggles I have faced with being a mom to two children.  We didn't have the easiest path to getting Ellie, and her arrival threw me for a tailspin.  Now, six months later I can truly say that this mama has found her wings and is ready to fly!!  I have been so happy these past few months at home with the kids.  I have been settling into our home, and working on a bunch of projects (I will share them soon!).  Most importantly I have just been finding my grove during the week with the kids.  

Ellie and I have our time together on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings while Bradley is at school.  I have gotten so much joy from just reading to her, or pushing her in the swing outside.  Of course going to pick up "big brother" is the highlight of our morning.  Ellie completely lights up when we walk into the classroom to get him.  All of the kids know Ellie's name now, and say hi to her.  Bradley runs over with a big hug and smile.  Then the two little birdies chatter back and forth on the way home.  The weather has been beautiful, and we ride home with the sunroof open and the wind blowing around in the car.  Breath it in!!  Tuesday and Thursday are our times together.  We take trips to the library, have playdates, and go to The Little Gym.  We are finding our way. 

There are little milestones when I know I am feeling better.  Like the other night when Chris had a late meeting, and was coming home to help me put the kiddos to bed.  Well, he was running late and everyone was losing it at the same moment.  I took Ellie's tub into our bathroom, and we had a joint bath.  Bradley thought this was awesome and has requested it again!  After getting both kids dried off and pajama'd up is where it got a bit tricky.  I had Bradley hold his books and turn the pages while I was nursing Ellie.  I would say "beep" when I was ready for him to turn the page...just like his books on tape.  He thought this was great!  Then I got Ellie down and finished up Bradley.  The whole process wasn't easy or quick, but I did it!  

Chris was shocked when he got home.  I have put both of the kids to bed a few times before, but usually in shifts.  I have left Bradley with a show on while I put Ellie down, and then it is his turn.  This time we did it together.  As a little family.  I am loving these moments.  I am slowly figuring this mommy gig of two out, and I like it.  

Happy Monday!


Lindsay said...

oo so glad you have found your wings! Ellie and Bradley are so happy and you are an amazing mama! I am glad that Sammy can call you his Aunt and I know that Bradley and Ellie are proud to call you mama (even if one of them can't say it yet).

Jennifer said...

I am so glad for you! I remember how hard it was to get both kids in bed when Hudson was little! It's quite an accomplishment to do it all together! :)

Christy said...

You don't bathe the kids together? I always bathe my kids together. We had one of those little seats that attached to the bathtub for Izzy when he was a baby. They have always loved playing together in the water. I am dreading the day when they don't want to bathe together anymore.

laura said...

i hear ya, girlfriend!

i'm really feeling like a cloud is really lifting at this 6 month mark. we're all finding our groove.

now, go fly! :)

Debbie said...

YAY! I thought you were amazing from the beginning, but so glad you are feeling better and finding your groove. Hold your head high, cause you are one superstar Momma!