Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Fall" in Love...

I am truly in love with fall...knit hats, knit booties, and smiling babies!! I can't get enough of it!  We have been able to go for long walks, have glorious trips to the playground, and just enjoy life now that it isn't 150 degrees outside!  I am loving this stage with my little girl too.  She is just so happy, about pretty much everything.  Her brother mostly, then Chris and I come in a close second, probably in a tie with Hershey--the dog. 

To continue with my love of all things fall, we took a trip to the best pumpkin patch around this weekend.  It would be complete without knit pumpkin hats of course!


I am also in love with adorable Daddies that will carry around the baby so that I can practice taking pictures in aperture priority.  Gotta love this man...

The pumpkin patch had an enormous sandbox that we couldn't get Bradley out of!



And also an indoor merry go round!  Who could ask for more?!!

I love this picture of Chris and Bradley, he is watching the workings of the merry go round!  So curious!

Ellie even go to ride too!  Aunt Lindsay watched out for her

Again, so adorable!!

I love this photo of Bradley at the pumpkin patch.  I couldn't get him to look at the camera, but I love the light and the background!


My little pumpkin posing for a picture!  She was watching Bradley run around in the distance, and I couldn't get her to look at me either.  She totally adores her brother!

I love these pumpkins that I put in the kitchen as a centerpiece of the island.  They make me smile...


laura said...

she's getting so big! i still can't get ben in the park swings...he just falls all over the place.

those pics are amazing!! what lens are you using? i remember you got a new one for your bday a year or two this the one you are using? or just the basic one?

Krystyn said...

You got some great shots...and it's totally fall very jealous!

Lindsay said...

awww such sweet pictures and post! I am sad Sammy was so grumpy that day! Ellie looks adorable in that swing!

aimee said...

Yay for fall! Of course you know how I feel about orange, so I love Ellie's knit hat. She's just too cute for words. As always, great photos!

amanda said...

loving that first pic!!

ps - we got one of those ergo's a few weekends ago - amazing!!

Jenny said...

I love all the looks like you guys had a great day!

That pumpkin hat...too cute!