Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big One, You Make Me Smile Because...


wow in just one month you will be turning four...there are so many things to celebrate...right now you make me smile because

you are all about coloring.  you will sit and color with daddy and i.  you tell us what color to use on our pictures.  you are getting better and better.

you are writing.  it is beyond amazing.  you write your name.  then you just sat down and wrote ellie's name.  i am so so proud of you.  you know your address.

you are such a sponge right now.  you walk around the house saying "i am tom periello and i approved this message."  you think this is hilarious, and so do i.


you are such a great friend.  during play dates, at school, you are so kind to other children.  you are articulate, and other kids love being around you.  you do love to tattle tale, but that makes me smile a little bit too;)

you can ride your bike.  i know you were nervous about it, and fell a few times.  but i am so proud of you that you kept trying.  

you are so excited about halloween, and because of that, so am i.


you love ellie.  beyond love her.  you adore her.  you talk to her the whole way home from school.  you sit on the floor and play with her.  you hand her toys.  you help her sit up after she falls.  you are wonderful with her, and i hope it never changes.

you are starting to try lots of new foods.  i never thought we would get here, but you are an excellent eater now.  red peppers are your favorite, really?  amazing little boy!!


you are starting to get into crafts.  finally. and i LOVE it!

you love taking a bath with ellie every night.  you climbed right into her little tub with her.  it was so funny.  you looked so so big.  stop growing up!  it makes me sad, and happy at the same time.  

love you big one!


Lindsay said...

aww so sweet! Love that boy XOXO

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures of your handsome little guy!

Jenny said...

Such a sweet post Clare...I can't believe he will be turning 4. I remember when I started reading your blog and he was in diapers!

That is so funny that he is repeating political commercials! Total cutie.

aimee said...

So sweet! What a big boy!

amanda said...

almost four?? for real friend?? that's like BIG!!

love the post mama