Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Steps

Last week was definitely rough. Thank you for all of the sweet comments and emails. It still seems very surreal, and just so tragically sudden. Liz will be missed by so many people. Most most of all by her brand new baby girl and little boy. The funeral was very difficult. Watching Daniel walk in while holding his Daddy's hand. Words cannot bring to life the sadness of that picture. I think it will be etched in my memory forever. The community is coming together to help Mike. I have started some collections from my church, and I even got my local grocery store to donate some formula and diapers. There is a fund getting set up in Liz's name by the preschool. I know these things seem so small, but it makes me feel better to do something to help.

Please keep her family in your prayers. The weeks and months to come are going to be difficult.


The only thing that can make your heart smile after such a long week is to meet this amazing bundle of cuteness!!! Haven Genevieve was born on Wednesday morning, at 3:04 am, 7 lbs. 15 oz., and a full head of hair!



I am totally in love with this little thing!!!  She looks just like Larken as a baby, with Amalie's head of hair.  I am so disappointed with my pictures...Haven was sleeping so I tried to take them manually, and they didn't turn out the greatest.  And the pictures of Ellie's baptism were REALLY dark.  I fiddled around with them,  but this was the best I could get...


Listening to the opening prayer, doesn't Ellie look so happy?!!


pouring the baptismal water


blessing sweet Ellie, I don't think I could have been happier!!


Sweet Debbie holding her



Introductions to the church and family


Unfortunately those were the only pictures I got!  The day was so so busy with family, lunch afterwords, and Ellie was wiped out.  Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam stayed almost the whole day, until Ellie woke up from a 2 1/2 hour nap.  So I did snap some pictures of them together!  I am hoping to get some photos done of Ellie in her little dress.  It was so sweet! 


Lots of Love in this pictures of Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam, and those sweet babies.  It makes you feel so good inside to see your children loved on by family members!

I still have so much other stuff to share, but for now I have a "Pumpkin Party" to start planning!!


Lindsay said...

My heart breaks for that family! They have been in my prayers every day. Could Haven be any cuter? Nope!! I think the pictures from the baptism turned out pretty good! The picture of Adam, Kim, Bradley and Ellie.. adorable!!

Jodee Leader said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. What a tragedy. I will keep her family in my thoughts and prayers.

Adorable baptism pictures. I also love the new picture in your blog header! She is a beauty!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Awww... you just filled my eyes with tears. Life is so unfair. I will be sending good thoughts. So sorry for this poor woman's family.

aimee said...

I love your dad in the background of the church photo. He's just simply adoring Ellie! Love it! Do tell about the pumpkin party...maybe I can borrow some ideas for school on Friday!

I am glad you are able to put some small things in motion to help your friends. I can't even bear to think about their loss. I have great ziti and mac and cheese recipes if you're planning to make some dinners that are easy to transport and reheat in the upcoming weeks.

laura said...

what an inspiration you are, doing much to help during this heartbreaking time. it may not seem like much (but, in all seriousness, it is HUGE!), but i am sure it is a godsend to this family!!

so happy you were able to put the sadness aside for the weekend to celebrate the new baby and ellie's baptism. :)